IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3.2 is here!

Today we’re happy to announce that a new IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3.2 bug-fix update is now available! Check out our release notes for the full list of fixes; and download the new version from the JetBrains Website or via Toolbox App.

First and foremost, the Kotlin plugin bundled with the IDE has been updated to v1.2.10. The updated plugin contains a fix for a major Gradle performance regression KT-21557.

This update fixes lots of various issues, the most notable are:
For Gradle test runner, the Rerun failed tests button is again available inside the Debug tool window. IDEA-183164
Now, the IDE doesn’t crash after a function creation or a function replacement in the Redshift console editor IDEA-183889.
Files generated by the annotation processor aren’t stored in the output directory anymore IDEA-183336.
The IDE now selects the appropriate Gradle JVM automatically IDEA-149592, this also works for the first project in Gradle IDEA-148681.
The issue with too many processes indexing a Git repository has been fixed IDEA-177754.

As you may know, with each update we also try to give our features a polish, to make them even more ergonomic and user-friendly. In IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3.2 the Find In Path action has been updated.
The Find In Path action allows you to perform a search through the whole project, module, directory or scope. When you perform a search in a chosen directory using Find In Path, you have the option to enable the search in subdirectories, by default, this option is activated.
Now, the IDE advises you to enable search in the subdirectories, if the recursive search has been disabled and there are no results after just a directory search.


Another improvement in this area is the ability to configure the maximum file size in which to perform a search with a Find in Path action.

Also, now the IDE supports Heroku API v3.

For Spring Boot we added support for the new SB 2.0.0 properties for managing actuator endpoints. Also dedicated support for java.time.Duration has been added to the configuration files.

As always, please report any problems you find to our issue tracker. We look forward to your feedback here in the comments, or on Twitter.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA Team

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