IntelliJ IDEA 2018.2.4 Update is Out!

A new bug-fix update IntelliJ IDEA 2018.2.4, is now available for download. Feel free to download the update from our website, or by using the Toolbox App or you can update by installing the patch from the IDE.

This update fixes dozens of issues, and as usual, you can refer to the release notes for the full list of changes. In this post, we’ll just mention the most notable fixes we’ve made.

For starters, the IDE loads the correct context when switching between tasks which are configured with branches when the “Restore workspace on branch switching ” option is enabled in Preferences / Settings | Version control | Confirmation.

We’ve also fixed a couple of regressions. Now the IDE creates a process with the correct version of the Gradle wrapper. Git clone operations are also now listed in the log.

Furthermore, the IDE doesn’t show Android scope in the Project tool window for non-Android projects anymore, and as for Android-specific actions they aren’t enabled in non-Android projects.

We have also fixed the IntelliJ IDEA freezes.

That’s it for today – update now! And remember your feedback is very welcome: Twitter, issue tracker.

Happy Developing!

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12 Responses to IntelliJ IDEA 2018.2.4 Update is Out!

  1. Narada says:

    Hi IJ,

    Two issues with 2018.2.3 have been really painful for me resulting in considerable lost time.

    I use Java 8 (1.8.0_172 x64), maven (3.5.4) and svn (1.7.19 client and 1.6.x server). Nothing else.

    1) Sometimes when I open a new dialogue box like viewing the debug breakpoints or settings or even when I just drag a floating mode pane from one screen to the next it either opens off the screen or goes off screen. It’s still open but I can’t access it anymore. And because it’s still open IJ becomes inaccessible. So I have to either press alt-space and do Move or Size and reclaim the offending dialogue or I have to close and restart IJ. When I reclaim using alt-space the dialogue is the maximum size across the whole monitor. This is on a remote desktop session from one pc into another pc using windows 7. It happens quite frequently.

    2) Imagine I have a java maven module imported as a project in IJ. That module module was previously checked out from svn onto the filesystem on command line. I make some changes to the code and that shows up in my Version Control changelist. All good so far. Now I import a new module into that project (also an svn checkout from before). This results in the old project module losing its svn detection. The code changes themselves are still there but none of the files in the old module are now part of svn. The changes have disappeared from the changelist and if you right click a file and try to do a revert or an update from svn or do an alt-tilde all options are greyed out. It’s like that old module was never part of svn. However, changes from the new module are visible. If I re-create a new project with that old module it detects svn again and my changes become visible again in Version Control.

    Suffering the above two issues repeatedly like this has meant that I’ve had to switch back to the latest 2017 version in fear as I’m losing too much time with 2018.2.3.

    Do you recognise either of these issues? I didn’t see either of these issues in the release notes for 2018.2.4. As I work in a bank I can’t share anything from within the bank. Are you able to help and what more can I tell you that will help? (I am a paying customer).


  2. Enrico says:

    Hi Intellij Idea Team,

    I experience similar issues than Narada.
    Opening Context-Menues like Class-Navigator results in directly opening the menu, but no respond for seconds. After a while all done actions (e.g. typing on the keyboard) are executed directly.

    Another problem is with the context menu after right click. SubMenu entries do not show up anymore after using right mouse click, but using keyboard arrows still works.

    I tried to create a ticket using your ticket system, but thats not possible as a guest. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need more details for system specs and so on.

  3. Akshay Jaiswal says:

    Hi Intellij Team,

    I have recently upgraded my IDE to 2018.2.4 version and since then my Intellij is crashing almost every half an hour. Is these any open issue regarding this? If yes, is these any workaround or fix for it?

    Looking forward to hear back from you.


  4. Giroux says:

    Same for me, I can code, since to be afraid to have a crash. It is very unconvenient.

    I’m on Mac OS with Mojave and IDE to 2018.2.4

    • Sanjay Das says:

      Same here. after upgrading crashing regularly after some min….

    • Narada says:

      The word “crash” doesn’t really tell anyone anything. It could mean any number of things. If you were more descriptive about what you’re experiencing, what you did to lead up to that point and what you’re running you might have better luck soliciting a response. Better yet – file a bug in the tracker.

  5. John says:

    Hi can any provide the link for the version 2018 2.4.

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