IntelliJ IDEA and Kotlin top choices for JVM developers

Snyk and Java Magazine have just announced their results of surveying more than 10,200 JVM developers. The report shows good news for JetBrains and for our users.

Kotlin is more popular than ever! It’s overtaken Scala and Groovy to be the third most used JVM language (behind Java, of course, and Clojure).

JVM Language Use

According to this survey, IntelliJ IDEA is the most popular JVM IDE, still, but you already knew that since you’re reading this on the IntelliJ IDEA blog.


Results like these are because of you, our amazing users.  You drive us to create the best possible tools, and we love doing this for you.

For more detailed information about these results, and more insights into the JVM ecosystem, view the full report here.

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