What’s new for Spring Boot in IntelliJ IDEA 2018.3

Spring Boot 2.1

Just released – the latest version of Spring Boot is already fully supported in your favorite IDE!

Configuration values annotated with @DataSize are validated, using the default @DataSizeUnit if specified.

Log Groups provide a new convenient way to group arbitrary logger categories under one name. IntelliJ IDEA will provide auto-completion both for predefined groups as well as any configured custom ones.

Application Configuration

We’ve added a new inspection to spot the most common bugs when using @ConfigurationProperties.

Deprecated POJO properties are now highlighted accordingly so it’s easier to track necessary updates to your configuration.


In the 2018.3.1 update, it will be possible to resolve replacement tokens to their definition in the Maven/Gradle build file.


Spring Initializr

Never miss enabling or installing plugins for your IDE again when trying out new starters! Upon project creation, matching plugins will be suggested, guaranteeing that support for all selected technologies is present.


Spring Cloud

We’ve added initial support for Spring Cloud Stream: enabling binding beans and validating channel names in message producers/consumers.




Last but not least, building the IDE-internal representation of the automatically configured Spring Boot model is now much faster.

In close collaboration with the Spring Boot team at Pivotal, we’ve added a diagnosis action in the IDE that scans for a number of known performance items in all Spring Boot starters added to the current project. Numerous starters have already been corrected, so all their users will benefit from improved startup times – as well as faster IDE model calculations.


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