IntelliJ IDEA 2019.2 Release Candidate is here!

We’ve just published a Release Candidate for IntelliJ IDEA 2019.2, which can mean only one thing – the next major release of IntelliJ IDEA is a stone’s throw away! Are you filled with as much anticipation as we are?


While we’re adding some final touches to the upcoming v2019.2, check out our release notes to learn more about the areas that have been the focus of our recent attention.
Try the IntelliJ IDEA 2019.2 Release Candidate and please do report any bugs you encounter to our issue tracker.

Heads up! This build requires a license for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate.

P.S. The next major release is just around the corner, so stay tuned!

Happy Developing!

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8 Responses to IntelliJ IDEA 2019.2 Release Candidate is here!

  1. Edoardo Luppi says:

    And now looking forward 2019.3 EAP hahaha
    Btw, after 192.52* builds have been much better.
    The web part is also getting a lot of fixes done, and I have to say working with TS/JS got way better since 2019.1. There are still things to look after, but nothing dramatic imo.

  2. You got an typo in the Toolbox link to this blog post.
    Toolbox links to

    Notice the missing slash after ’07’.

  3. Reto says:

    Please fix IDEA-210995

  4. Miguel campuzano says:

    Hi everybody i just update my intellij and i found a bug when there is one o more windows opened, you can see on the right corner, it lost the buttons and configurations.

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