IntelliJ IDEA 2019.2.1 is Released

The first bugfix update for v2019.2 is here with dozens of important fixes. If you haven’t updated to v2019.2 yet, now there’s one less reason to hold out :)

Get the update from our website, via the Toolbox App, or by installing the patch from the IDE.

IntelliJ IDEA 2019.2.1 delivers lots of fixes, and here are the biggest ones:

  • Fixed the regression: the IDE can now launch Websphere Run/Debug configurations: IDEA-219014.
  • Terminal environment variables can now be configured in every project: IDEA-208433.
  • The IDE’s own path is no longer added to PATH in the built-in terminal on Windows: IDEA-218032.
  • Artifacts from JFrog Artifactory are now correctly resolved in Gradle projects: IDEA-219056.
  • Fixed the problem with building GWT apps when the “dynamic.classpath” option is on: IDEA-218731.
  • IntelliJ IDEA now properly resolves Maven dependencies added outside of the IDE: IDEA-219033.
  • “Resume build from specified module” now works for Maven 3.5.3: IDEA-196522.
  • Console input now works when using interactive Maven goals: IDEA-219019.

With this minor update, we have also updated both JetBrains Runtime 11 and JetBrains Runtime 8.

JBR 11 was updated to v11.0.3+12-b304.39 and the following fixes were integrated:

  • Fixed the broken Fira Code fonts rendering: JBR-1624, JBR-1645.
  • Fixed the fonts and icons scale: JBR-1429.
  • Fixed the issues that prevented inserting some special symbols: JBR-1743, JBR-1744.
  • Fix for IDE-managed HiDPI mode on Windows: JBR-1674.
  • Fixed the IDE crash when WebView is used on RHEL Linux 7.3: JBR-1551.
  • The maximized window isn’t cropped on the right and bottom: JBR-1629.
  • Added ability to set the title bar height on the native level: JBR-1650.
  • Fixed the issue with the Ctrl+C shortcut in the integrated terminal on macOS: JBR-1599.
  • The tooltip with the package’s info is now displayed correctly: JBR-1604.

JBR 8 was updated to 1.8.0_212-release-1586-b12 with the following notable fix:

  • Fixed the IDE crash when WebView is used on RHEL Linux 7.3: JBR-1551.

For the complete list of changes in this update, see the IDE release notes and the JBR11 release notes (or the JBR8 release notes).

As always, we appreciate your feedback here in comments or directly in our issue tracker.
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Download IntelliJ IDEA 2019.2.1!

Happy developing!

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