IntelliJ IDEA 2019.3.1 Is Out

Today we’re following up on the recently released IntelliJ IDEA 2019.3 with a more polished IntelliJ IDEA 2019.3.1, which is available for download.

Download IntelliJ IDEA 2019.3.1 from our website, update via the Toolbox App or from inside the IDE, or use snaps (on Ubuntu).

Here’s a short list of the most notable changes this first bug-fix update has to offer:

  • Focus is not lost when you close a tool window and the editor tabs are in Split mode: IDEA-227102.
  • Focus is now returned to the editor after closing the Commit dialog: IDEA-227732.
  • Fixed the regression with the IDE hanging when performing a Subversion action: IDEA-224516.
  • Fixed a regression that prevented the Local Tomcat Service run configuration from waiting for a maven build to complete: IDEA-224676.
  • Properties of IDE panels are now saved: IDEA-223706.
  • The outputFilenameMapping property of maven-ear-plugin is now supported: IDEA-200439.

With this minor update, we have also updated both JetBrains Runtime 11 (default) and JetBrains Runtime 8 (optional).

JBR 11 (default) was updated to 11.0.5+10-b520.17 with the following changes included:

  • JetBrains Runtime was rebased on top of OpenJDK 11.0.5.
  • Fixed the issue that caused a significant delay when changing the button states: JBR-1967.

JBR 8 was updated to 1.8.0_232-release-1621-b6:

  • JetBrains Runtime was rebased on top of OpenJDK 8u223.

For the full list of addressed issues, please see the IDE release notes and the JRE release notes.

We appreciate any feedback! Please don’t hesitate to report any issues you encounter to our issue tracker.

Happy Developing!

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