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End of support for TFS 2014 and older

The IntelliJ platform currently has two main plugins for integration with TFS servers – the one from JetBrains that supports old TFS versions (up to 2015) and server-type workspaces, and the one from Microsoft that supports newer TFS versions (starting with 2015) with local workspaces and Azure cloud.

As the number of old TFS installations steadily decreases, so too does the demand for support for old versions. Following this trend, we unbundled the JetBrains TFS Integration plugin in the 2019.1 release, and we are now announcing the end of support for the TFS Integration plugin in 2020.1.

Since we don’t plan on developing the plugin any further, we will close all YouTrack-issues related to it. The plugin will stay available as-is in the repository so that older versions of the IDEs can use it.

The sources of the plugin are published on GitHub to allow users to customize them based on their needs:


To work with TFS 2015 and above, please use the Azure DevOps plugin https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/7981-azure-devops. Initially released by Microsoft, the plugin is actively maintained by the JetBrains Rider team at the moment.

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