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Celebrating 25 years of Java with JetBrains Technology Day for Java

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Java turned 25 in May this year, and JetBrains is thrilled about this milestone! We are celebrating it by hosting our first-ever virtual event for Java enthusiasts – JetBrains Technology Day for Java – which will be free for all to attend.

We invite you all to attend this one-day event, in which industry speakers will give presentations about a variety of Java topics, from Modern Java, Frameworks, and Testing to Garbage Collectors and OSS Contributions. There will be something for everyone. Check out the event page for details.

Why JetBrains is excited about Java

At JetBrains, we have been making extensive use of the Java language and platform since our inception in 2000. IntelliJ IDEA, which was written in Java, was the first IDE from JetBrains, and it was an instant hit with Java developers. It is still one of the most popular Java IDEs and is trusted by developers across the globe.

JetBrains also has a suite of IntelliJ-based IDEs for various languages. Many of our tools, like Space (the Integrated Team Environment), YouTrack (our project management and bug tracking tool), TeamCity (our CI/CD server), and many others, are written using Java and are deployed to JVM-based platforms. Kotlin, a popular multiplatform programming language developed by JetBrains, is interoperable with Java and also runs on the JVM.


JetBrains Technology Day for Java is a single-day event with 10 sessions and 11 speakers. Because we expect participants from around the world to take part in the event, we’ve arranged the following visuals to represent when the sessions will start and end in three time zones – CEST (Central European Summer Time), GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), and EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). You can click on these visuals to view their bigger version.


Here’s a quick list of the sessions, presented in the order in which they will take place:

You can check out the detailed agenda and information about the speakers.

Thanks to our speakers

We are grateful that industry leaders like Venkat Subramaniam, Trisha Gee, Josh Long, Nikhil Nanivadkar, Angie Jones, Monica Beckwith, Tagir Valeev, Marit van Dijk, and Sandro Mancuso have agreed to join us for this event.

We truly appreciate them for their support.

Who is this event for?

When inviting the speakers and selecting presentations, we tried to make sure there would be sessions appropriate for Java programmers with a wide range of experience levels. The event has sessions on topics like Modern Java, Testing with Spring, Eclipse Collections, Selenium Framework, Modern and Concurrent Garbage Collectors, as well as on various ways to contribute to OSS and Software Modernization.

We also have a session by JetBrains Academy – the educational initiative from JetBrains. Engaging with the code and hands-on practice are two of the best ways to learn to code, and JetBrains Academy has lots of projects for you to get started with.

Attending sessions – logistics

When you register to attend this event, you can choose to attend all sessions or only specific ones. Once your registration is complete, JetBrains will email you all the details you will need to view the sessions. All the sessions are 1-hour long.

One of the best parts of attending a live event is that you can ask the speaker questions. For this event, you can simply type your questions into the chat channel as you view the presentations on the day of the event. We have asked the speakers to address the questions toward the end of their sessions.

All the sessions will be recorded and available after the event. Don’t forget to subscribe to IntelliJ IDEA’s YouTube channel to view them.

Speaker diversity

When we started organizing this event, we focused on reaching out to the best speakers we knew of and made sure to consider the diverse range of topics that they could speak on. However, as we progressed through the invitations and approval of the topics, I realized that we reached out to speakers from diverse backgrounds and that we included many non-male speakers.

These were subconscious decisions, which I believe have formed due to the work I do, people I interact with, and the team I work with, at JetBrains. As a speaker, I have been fortunate to meet and connect with many other speakers from diverse backgrounds, and appreciate what they do. Also, the developer advocacy team at JetBrains is itself an extremely diverse group of passionate people. We are from different countries, regions, have different cultures and traditions, speak different languages, and eat different food. And this diversity is one of our greatest strengths.

In the end, we managed to put together an event with the best speakers presenting on a diverse array of topics. I think we also did well with respect to the gender ratio, the countries these speakers are from, the languages they speak, and the communities they belong to. I believe for an event with ten sessions and eleven speakers, we did quite well.

Of course, there is always room for improvement, and I’m sure we will be able to do better next year.

Community partnership with Java User Groups

Java has an amazing and vibrant community across the globe. We invite Java User Groups to partner with us on this event, as we strongly believe that the sessions in this event would help their members.

The partnership process is simple. Submit your JUG name and logo here, and we’ll add it to our main event page:

As a community outreach partner, you can create Meetup events for your JUG members, or you can reshare our posts from your social media handles.


Don’t miss the chance to hang out with us on social media. We’ll be using the hashtags #JBTechDayforJava and #JetBrainsLovesJava on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn throughout the event.

Register now

We are excited about this event and hope that it will help Java developers improve their skills. The slots are limited, and they are filling up fast.

Register now!

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