IntelliJ IDEA 2020.3.1 Is Out With Apple Silicon Support

We are back with our first bug-fix release for IntelliJ IDEA 2020.3! The improved v2020.3.1 polishes the recently released features and supports Apple Silicon! That’s right, Apple fans, you can now work in IntelliJ IDEA on your Mac with an M1 chip. To start working, download a separate installer for IntelliJ IDEA for Apple Silicon on our website or in the Toolbox App (under the Available for Apple M1 section). Please note that a previously installed IntelliJ IDEA version running via Rosetta2 will not update to run natively.

Update to v.2020.3.1 now and share your feedback with us!

Other significant fixes in v2020.3.1 include:

  • Fixed duplication of Pull Request comments. [IDEA-244965]
  • Fixed duplication of .run.xml files when running Compound Run Configurations. [IDEA-255767]
  • Fixed the possibility to close a tool window in an empty state with a shortcut. [IDEA-252395]
  • Fixed the IDE to start correctly when checking out from GitHub using the JetBrains Toolbox browser extension. [IDEA-253829]
  • Improved the UI for including dependencies with the “Provided” scope. [IDEA-256633]
  • Fixed the IDE so that it now runs Android projects correctly. [IDEA-251407]
  • Fixed the major release icon for IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition 2020.3. [IDEA-256564]
  • Fixed the Expand/Collapse All buttons in the TODO tool window. [IDEA-254558]
  • Fixed the erroneous behavior of the New File popup. [IDEA-220755]
  • Fixed the problem preventing the IDE settings from being exported into a file [IDEA-252588]
  • Fixed the issue causing Spring configurations not to be saved and reloaded. [IDEA-256756]
  • Lombok is now bundled with IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition 2020.3. [IDEA-257311]
  • Fixed crashes. [JBR-2562]

For other resolved issues, refer to the release notes. If you have any thoughts about making IntelliJ IDEA better, please comment on this post or report your suggestions to our issue tracker.

Happy developing!

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