Another Update for IntelliJ IDEA Localization Plugins Is Available

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Today we’re releasing a new updated version of the language packs for JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA and other IntelliJ-based IDEs. We are grateful to our active users for sending us feedback and helping us improve the localization plugins.

Special thanks

It really means a lot to us to see how thoroughly you reviewed our translations, and we’re thankful for the constructive feedback you provided. We’d like to specially mention our reviewers: Jinseong Jeon, WooSuk LEE, 백기선, 권영재, Preacher, mikyou, pye52, spielberggao, hltj, bennyhuo, and, of course, Imai Masanobu who submitted a record number of 62 bugs to our issue tracker.

You all have been keeping us busy: since our last announcement, we’ve fixed most of the issues and translated the strings that you reported as untranslated.

QAs wanted

Our community of users has been doing a great job providing feedback on the localized versions and we’re doing our best to ensure that our products address the needs of our users. We’re still looking for quality assurance experts with native or near-native proficiency in Japanese and Korean with fluent English to join the IntelliJ IDEA team in this effort.

The past, present, and future

This year has been important for all those involved in the plugins’ development and localization. We started working on the plugins a year ago, and the numbers speak for themselves: we’re approaching the end of the year with over 412,000 downloads for the Chinese version, 13,900 for the Japanese version, and 6,400 for the Korean version of the plugin.

We’re targeting the first quarter of 2021 for the release version, so this is still an EAP of the language packs. You could help us by trying out the new version and submitting your feedback.

How to change the interface language of your IDE

The current version is compatible with version 2020.3 of your IDE. To install the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language pack plugins, follow the instructions in the IntelliJ IDEA documentation.

How to submit feedback

To report issues, please use YouTrack, an issue tracker from JetBrains. Issues can be submitted directly from the IDE or via YouTrack using templates for the Chinese, Japanese, or Korean versions. There’s a special YouTrack subsystem for localization issues. Before you submit your issue, please familiarize yourself with the list of known issues.

We value your opinion greatly and we carefully review each request and comment. If we’re a little behind with replying to some of them, it’s because we’re still processing the earlier ones.

Thanks a lot for everything you’ve already done for us. Some of the bugs you reported are still being processed, but the version we’re releasing today already addresses quite a few issues, and we hope it’ll make your experience working with the IDE in your language more convenient and productive.

We’re looking forward to continuing to work together to make our plugins better.

The JetBrains team

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