IntelliJ IDEA 2020.3.4 Is Available

IntelliJ IDEA 2020.3.4, a new bug-fix update, is out! You can get this latest version from inside the IDE or with the Toolbox App, or you can use snaps for Ubuntu. It is also available for download from our website.

Here are the most notable fixes that it brings:

  • The IDE now loads the correct version of the Maven dependency. [IDEA-255594]
  • Returned the speed of autocompletion to normal. [IDEA-264579]
  • Fixed the warning about an illegal reflective access operation. [IDEA-248785]
  • Fixed the deadlock upon generating Java code from an XML schema using JAXB. [IDEA-257312]
  • Fixed the Lombok error that would occur when a log was used in a static block. [IDEA-265211]
  • Fixed issues with the Maven dependencies import. [IDEA-258602]

If you are looking for a complete list of issues addressed with this version, please read our release notes. And as always, we encourage you to report any difficulties you encounter to our issue tracker.

Happy developing!

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