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New Live Stream: Spring Boot Loves K8s

Spring in Spring! Now, this sounds interesting to me.

Spring is here and we are excited to host a session on Spring in Spring! Register now and join us for the live stream of Spring Boot Loves K8s.

In this live stream, Madhura Bhave, Software Engineer, String Boot Team, VMware, will talk about and demostrate the new features in Spring Boot 2.3 and 2.4 that makes it easy for you to deploy Spring Boot applications to Kubernetes using IntelliJ IDEA.

Day: Wednesday
Date: April 21, 2021
Time: 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm CEST

Spring Boot Loves K8s

Session agenda

Spring Boot 2.3 and 2.4 introduced a host of new features that make life easier when deploying applications to Kubernetes.

This talk will cover some of the major changes that not only enhance the development experience but also provide production-ready features.

Using a sample application, Madhura will look at packaging a Spring Boot application as a container image, using liveness/readiness probes, loading properties from a Kubernetes ConfigMap, and graceful shutdown.

IntelliJ IDEA and Spring

Check out this link to find more about how IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate provides a rich set of built-in developer tools and outstanding support for the Spring framework.

If you are new to using Spring Boot in IntelliJ IDEA, this can help you get started. You can also refer to the IntelliJ IDEA documentation on how it supports the Spring framework.

For working with Spring applications, my recent favorites in IntelliJ IDEA are HTTP Client window and Endpoints tool window.

The HTTP Client window simplifies testing a web service. You can create, edit, and execute HTTP Requests directly in the IntelliJ IDEA code editor. The Endpoints tool window provides an aggregated view of both client and server APIs used in your project for HTTP and WebSocket protocols. It can assist you when developing microservices and backend-frontend communication. It is also helpful for exploring third-party APIs.

Link to other resources

When I was browsing through the resources on Spring Boot last month, I noticed a presentation on How to get productive with Spring Boot, by Madhura, which I really liked.

Asking questions

If you have any questions on this topic, you can submit them now or during the live stream. To ask your questions now, post them as comments to this blog post. To ask them during the live stream, please use the chat window.

The host will try to answer all of your questions during the session. If we run out of time, we’ll post the answers to any remaining questions in a follow-up blog post.

Your presenter and host

About the presenter:

Madhura BhaveMadhura Bhave

Madhura Bhave is a developer at VMware on the Spring Boot team.

Before joining the Spring Boot team, Madhura worked on the UAA (Authentication and Authorization component for Cloud Foundry), which is written in Spring.



About the host:

Mala GuptaMala Gupta

Mala works as a Java Developer Advocate with JetBrains.

A Java Champion, she has authored multiple books with Manning, Packt, and O’Reilly Publications.

An international speaker at industry conferences, she has 20 years of experience in the software industry. She has been actively supporting Java certification as a path to career advancement.

Mala also co-leads Delhi JUG and Women Who Code Delhi.

See you at the live stream, and happy developing!

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