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Tutorial: Reactive Spring Boot

Our Reactive Spring Boot tutorial is finally complete! So our end-of-year gift to you is to wrap it all up into a single blog post, where you can easily find each of the tutorial steps, the code, and the full … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Reactive Spring Boot Part 5 – Auto-configuration for Shared Beans

In this lesson we look at how to use Spring beans from one module in a different module, using auto-configuration. This is the fifth part of our tutorial showing how to build a Reactive application using Spring Boot, Kotlin, Java … Continue reading

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IntelliJ IDEA’s Static Analysis vs. the Human Brain

A while ago, I was studying the output of IntelliJ IDEA’s static analyzer for Java code and came across an interesting case. Since the code fragment was not open source, I’ve anonymized it and removed the external dependencies. Let’s just … Continue reading

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Java 13 and IntelliJ IDEA

With Text Blocks, Java 13 is making it easier for you to work with multi-line String values. You would no longer need concatenation operators or escape sequences for your HTML, XML, JSON, or SQL queries, stored as String values. Java … Continue reading

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IntelliJ IDEA Gets Educational!

Every professional developer was once a learner. We live in a fascinating world full of new challenges and opportunities, which means every professional developer can become a learner once again, or share what they have learned as an educator. No … Continue reading

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Java Annotated Monthly – May 2019

This month we have a guest section on security, since there were so many relevant security articles to include. We have the results of two developer surveys, and a huge culture and community section that explores some of the factors that … Continue reading

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Java Annotated Monthly – February 2017

New year, new style?  This month we’re experimenting with a simpler format for JAM, so you can see at a glance the real titles of the articles being linked to.  The upside is more links! More news! And you can … Continue reading

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Git Questions – How to get started with a GitHub project

In this week’s Git questions we take a look at a simple but rather important step when you’re working on a GitHub Open Source project – how do you get started? In the video, Gary and I demonstrate how to … Continue reading

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Git Questions – How to Keep a Git Fork up to Date

Carrying on our series of Git Questions, this week Gary Hockin (PhpStorm Advocate) and I look at the question: how do I make sure my GitHub fork is up to date when the open source project it forked has moved on? … Continue reading

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Git Questions – How do I switch branches without losing my work?

We regularly get questions about how to achieve a particular thing – as developers there are parts of our workflow which trip us up, that our tools can help us with if we understand how.  So we’ve decided to start answering … Continue reading

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