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Using JUnit 5 in IntelliJ IDEA

One of the new features in IntelliJ IDEA 2016.2 is support for the new JUnit 5 testing framework.  Almost all Java developers will have used JUnit at some point, so it’s pretty exciting to find the newest version has evolved with the … Continue reading

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Annotated Java Monthly, April 2014

Java developers have been busier than ever this April, and here at JetBrains, we’ve noticed! Each month, we’re excited to bring you the best Java content from around the web, straight to your favorite blog! If you have any topics … Continue reading

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Chained expression completion in IntelliJ IDEA 11.1

If you use completion autopopup in IntelliJ IDEA 11, you may have seen “n variants…” suggestions: This means there are two StringUtil classes available, neither of them is imported, and IDE can’t choose which of them to put to the first … Continue reading

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Smarter and Faster Introduce Parameter in Java

As a logical next step after inplace introduce variable refactoring we did in IntelliJ IDEA 10, version 10.5 will offer inplace introduce parameter. Here is a brief overview of what we’re working on. Once called, it will gently ask you to … Continue reading

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Smarter and Faster Introduce Variable in Java

Introduce variable is one of those refactorings used many times a day. So, how can we make it work faster? Get rid of modal dialogs! So, in order to introduce a variable from an expression press Ctrl+Alt+V. Remember modal dialog? … Continue reading

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Creating live templates from… templates

Sometimes I find myself writing repetitive code constructs without being able to extract common code due to Java syntax hmm… let’s call them peculiarities. ‘Sounds like a job for a live template’, I think, and I simply create it. Here’s … Continue reading

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Super Completion

Do you often find yourself calling a super method with a large number of parameters? Typing all those arguments one by one is soooooo boring, isn’t it?! Don’t be upset anymore — latest Maia EAP can rescue you. Just use Smart … Continue reading

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Debugger Evaluate Expression Enhancements

Say, you hit a breakpoint in Java code: And you cleanly see that component is a label: You now want to investigate label internals via Evaluate Expression (Alt+F8), e.g. invoke its getText() method, but component declared type is Component and it … Continue reading

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Original IntelliJ Cast

Let’s talk about type casts — those things you hardly can avoid in JVM-based code. Being a helpful IDE, IntelliJ IDEA now does all the casting stuff for you when you are using its code completion in Java and Groovy. … Continue reading

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Smart Completion of Java Primitive Method Parameters

Many API include methods like setXxx(int) where int is one of the predefined values, typically declared in the same class. The fact that these are just legacy methods that have been created prior to enums invention, does not stop IntelliJ … Continue reading

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