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The new Coffee Club show!

We’ve launched a new live show on the IntelliJ IDEA channel – Coffee Club! It’s a show where JetBrains Java Advocates come together to talk about topics they’re passionate about, such as Java, development, technical careers, and much more.

The first episode of Coffee Club is now up on YouTube, so feel free to watch it if you haven’t yet!

In the first episode of Coffee Club, JetBrains Java Advocates Trisha GeeHelen Scott, Dalia Abo Sheasha, and Mala Gupta talked about the skills that developers need to level up their careers, beyond knowing a certain language or framework. 

On September 30, we will air a new episode of Coffee Club where JetBrains Java Advocates will discuss how to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing industry.

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Bring your coffee, tea, or any other beverage you like and join us as we chat about our experiences and hear from you about yours!

Feel free to share your suggestions for future episode topics in the comments.


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