Early Access Program

IntelliJ IDEA 2022.1 EAP 3: Kotlin 1.6.20-M1 Plugin, Enhanced Markdown Editor, and More

The third week of the IntelliJ IDEA 2022.1 Early Access Program is underway! The new EAP build brings the bundled Kotlin 1.6.20-M1 plugin, UI enhancements to the Debugger, improvements for the Markdown editor, and more.

You can get the latest build from our website, the free Toolbox App, or via snaps for Ubuntu users.

Read on to learn about the latest updates in detail. We encourage you to try out the new features and share your feedback with us!


Kotlin 1.6.20-M1 plugin bundled

The new EAP build of IntelliJ IDEA 2022.1 comes with the Kotlin 1.6.20-M1 plugin bundled, meaning that the latest language features are now supported in the IDE preview builds. 

We achieved this by improving the infrastructure of the Kotlin plugin, which has allowed us to use plugin builds based on the preview compiler in the IntelliJ IDEA EAPs. 

The first Kotlin 1.6.20 preview release introduces a number of notable updates, such as support for parallel compilation, a prototype of context receivers, better code sharing across all Kotlin targets, and more. 


We’ve implemented some UI improvements for the debugger. 

Reset Frame

In the Frames view, there’s a new inline Reset Frame icon that drops highlighted frames.

This action was previously available from the toolbar, and it dropped the selected frame and all nested ones. 

Hidden tab labels

To maximize the usable space in the Debugger tool window, we’ve hidden the tab labels by default. To make them visible again or to customize their location, use the Show Tab Labels option in the Layout Settings or call it via Search Everywhere (⇧⇧ on macOS / Shift+Shift on Windows/Linux) with the Debug tool window in focus.  


Updated Markdown Editor Floating Toolbar 

To make it easier to format Markdown files, we’ve reworked the floating toolbar that appears on text selection. Besides the new design, the toolbar now offers list creation functionality and a dropdown menu that allows you to select header styles. 

The toolbar is customizable, so you can fill it up with the options you need. To do so, go to Settings / Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | Menus and Toolbars | Markdown Editor Floating Toolbar. 

User experience

Maven Archetype in the New Project wizard

As part of the New Project wizard’s UI makeover, we’ve reworked the Maven Archetype project generator. The update introduces search-as-you-type functionality when browsing archetypes, as well as the ability to manage an archetype catalog during module creation. 

Additionally, in response to a long-standing feature request, we’ve made it possible to input required properties by archetype.

These are the most notable improvements offered by the IntelliJ IDEA 2022.1 EAP 3 build. You can find the full list of updates in the release notes

Share your feedback in comments below, on Twitter, or through our issue tracker. We appreciate it!

Happy developing!

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