JPA and React Plugins: From Buddies To Full Members of The JetBrains Family 

We are excited to announce that JPA Buddy and React Buddy have joined the JetBrains family. Positioned as powerful plugins for working with JPA data and React applications, respectively, they will offer even more functionality for IntelliJ IDEA and WebStorm developers moving forward.

With this acquisition, the JPA Buddy and React Buddy teams will also join JetBrains, where they will work alongside the corresponding product teams to provide tighter integrations and greater functionality. 

How does this affect you?

If you’re a user of IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, you’ll now have access to the full range of JPA Buddy functionality as part of your subscription, at no additional cost. This will enter into effect immediately, and starting with the 2023.3 releases in Q4, 2023, the main functionality of this plugin will be bundled into IntelliJ IDEA by default.

If you purchased JPA Buddy, rest assured that your subscription will continue to work until its expiration. From today, September 11, 2023, JPA Buddy subscriptions will no longer be available for purchase. However, the free edition of JPA Buddy will continue to be available from the JetBrains Marketplace.

If you have a JPA Buddy license that’s still active, it will keep working until it expires. You’ll receive an email shortly with more details and instructions on how to proceed. 

This is an exciting time for all our users and we have a lot on the horizon. Once again, let’s extend a warm welcome to JPA Buddy and React Buddy on behalf of the entire JetBrains family!

Happy developing!

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