IntelliJ IDEA Plugins Tips & Tricks

10 Plugins to Enhance Your IntelliJ IDEA Experience in 2024

Even though IntelliJ IDEA is powerful and self-sufficient, we love to customize it a bit with plugins. Why? Because they’re fun! In this blog post, we’ll share a list of cool plugins that will help you liven things up in your IDE.

Let’s go!

JetBrains AI Assistant

AI has touched every industry over the past few years, and programming is no exception. JetBrains AI Assistant is our take on deeply integrated, context-aware AI that speeds up your coding and boosts productivity. What started as a hackathon project has evolved into a full-fledged AI-powered coding companion.

Now it offers a comprehensive AI chat to answer code-related questions based on your project’s context. It also provides various AI actions to explain code, find problems, suggest refactorings, generate tests, assist with commit messages and documentation, and more. 


Grazie is an AI writing companion for tech professionals. It integrates seamlessly into your development workflows for efficient and clean writing. 

With features like instant proofreading, context-aware AI chat, summarization, inline text completion, translation, and rephrasing, Grazie ensures your text is polished and professional. It supports multiple languages, maintains your data privacy, and enhances your productivity without interrupting your workflow. 

Available as both a browser extension and a JetBrains IDE plugin, Grazie allows you to focus on coding while it takes care of your text. If you’ve bought a JetBrains AI Pro subscription, you already have access to Grazie. 

Space Invaders

Feeling burnt out? Take a quick break and blast some aliens with the Space Invaders plugin! This classic arcade game is cleverly integrated right into your IDE, providing a fun and nostalgic way to de-stress. 


Need to translate code snippets or comments on the fly? The Translation plugin integrates seamlessly with your IDE, allowing you to translate text in over 100 languages. It’s a powerful tool for developers working with multilingual applications or collaborating with international teams.


This is another plugin for those using multiple keyboard languages in their projects. It provides a visual indicator at the cursor to show the current keyboard language, helping users avoid typing errors.

Google Search

Never leave your IDE again for quick Google searches – save time and keep your focus on development with the Google Search plugin. Highlight any piece of text right in the editor and search for it on Google without leaving your coding environment.

You can also write your question in the Search window and will be redirected to Google by a click on the query result. 


The GitLink plugin offers quick shortcuts to open or copy files, directories, or commits in platforms like GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, and more. Perfect for code reviews and discussions, the GitLink plugin is simple, effective, and a real time-saver for anyone working with Git repositories.

Key Promoter X

The Key Promoter X plugin helps you discover keyboard shortcuts you never knew existed, making your workflow smoother and faster. Whenever you use the mouse for an action that could’ve been done with a shortcut, the corresponding shortcut will be shown. With this plugin, you’ll have endless opportunities to learn and use shortcuts.

Better Highlights

Better Highlights allows you to improve code readability with better visual clarity and organization. It offers customizable syntax highlighting themes that make your code easier on the eyes, helping you focus on what matters most. 

Darkyen’s Time Tracker

Do you struggle with time management? Darkyen’s Time Tracker is here to help! This lightweight status bar widget starts tracking your time with a click or keystroke, and it pauses automatically when you’re inactive. You can customize options like autostart, inactivity pauses, and time formats to fit your workflow. Additionally, the plugin seamlessly integrates with Git, automatically adding time spent on commits to your messages. Stay organized, boost your productivity, and make every minute count with Darkyen’s Time Tracker!

Some of these plugins are designed to boost your productivity, while others are merely meant to add a touch of fun or novelty to your coding sessions. This way, you can stay in the zone while also enjoying a lighthearted approach to your work. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring this list of cool plugins and discovered some gems to enhance your developer experience!

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