Kotlin News: The Release of 1.7.0, Roadmap Updates, Multiplatform Survey Results, and More

Kotlin 1.7.0 has been released

This release:

  • Pushes the Kotlin K2 compiler for the JVM to Alpha.
  • Brings performance improvements for the Kotlin/JVM compiler.
  • Introduces a new approach to incremental compilation in Gradle.
  • Promotes OptIn annotations and builder inference to stable.

Update to Kotlin 1.7.0

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Kotlin 2022–2023 roadmap update

Learn more about what improvements to expect from the Kotlin team over the next 12 months! There are 50 tickets that we are currently working on, and our focus is on improvements for multiplatform developers, library developers, and anyone who wants to save time.

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Server-side with Kotlin webinar series

Check out the latest episodes in our server-side with Kotlin webinar series:

  • Event Streaming with Apache pulsar and Kotlin
  • Property-based testing in Kotlin and Java with jqwik
  • Kotlin + jOOQ
  • Building applications with Kotlin and Arrow.kt in style

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Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile roadmap update

Check out this update on the development of Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile, which continues to move steadily towards Beta status.

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Baidu case study

Baidu, a leading artificial intelligence company and the world’s largest Chinese-language search engine, shared their story of using Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile technology to unify the business logic of multiple modules in their Wonder app. This allowed them to cover multiple core business scenarios while retaining the excellent user experience of the native UI.

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Results of the Kotlin Multiplatform Survey Q3-Q4 2021

76.5% of those who play around with Kotlin Multiplatform are considering using it for their production projects.

Check out the key survey highlights about developers’ experience with Kotlin Multiplatform, as well as its key benefits, use cases, and more in the blog post.

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Kotlin Multiplatform User Survey: Q2 2022

Do you use Kotlin Multiplatform in your projects? The Kotlin Multiplatform User Survey is now open. Don’t miss this chance to shape the future of the technology. Share your feedback with us! 

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New Kotlin Users Survey

Each month, new developers start their journeys with Kotlin. Some just want to try it out, while others have specific goals in mind. Let us know how your Kotlin journey began so we can improve the experience.

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JVM Developers Application Type Research

Calling all non-server-side Kotlin JVM developers! We are looking for new ways to make your experience more convenient, and we would appreciate your feedback. 

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