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The State of Kotlin Multiplatform Survey Q3-Q4 2021

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The most effective way to learn about our users’ needs and wants is to ask them. This is why we pay so much attention to our community’s feedback – it helps us understand our users and provide them with the best solutions.

We’d like to thank everyone who takes part in our surveys and share the results of our previous questionnaire with you. This time around, we asked backend, frontend, mobile, and full-stack developers, as well as team and tech leads, about their experience with Kotlin Multiplatform, its key benefits, use cases, adoption time, and parts of code they were able to share between platforms.

Before we jump into the survey highlights, we want to let you know that we’ve just launched a new Kotlin Multiplatform User Survey for you to participate in. Take this opportunity to share your feedback with us and contribute to community knowledge. Complete the survey and get a chance to win special prizes!


Key survey highlights

As in previous surveys, most of the respondents were mobile engineers (64.1%), including Android and iOS developers and those who use cross-platform technologies most of the time. The answers we collected helped us gain essential insights into Kotlin Multiplatform usage and understand our users’ pain points.

Below are the key findings of the Q3-Q4 2021 survey.

60% of developers already use or have tried Kotlin Multiplatform in production
76.5% of those who play around with Kotlin Multiplatform are considering using it for their production projects
45% of developers have participated in more than one Kotlin Multiplatform project
Between platforms, 76% of developers share data models, and 66% share networking
32% of those who have the Web Frontend target in their Multiplatform projects use Kotlin/JS
Almost half (48%) of Kotlin Multiplatform developers use Android Studio with the Multiplatform Mobile plugin installed
Kotlin Multiplatform Survey Results Q3-Q4 2021

We’ve shared the survey highlights that we believe are most interesting, but if you want more information, you can get the complete questionnaire results.


Your answers give us valuable insights that help us develop Kotlin Multiplatform and make it an indispensable tool in your arsenal.

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