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Kotlin 1.7.0 Released

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Kotlin 1.7.0 has been released. It unveils the Alpha version of the new Kotlin/JVM K2 compiler, stabilizes language features, and brings performance improvements for the JVM, JS, and Native platforms.

Here is a list of the major updates in this version:

Read the complete list of changes in What’s new in Kotlin 1.7.0.

How to install Kotlin 1.7.0

If you already use IntelliJ IDEA or Android Studio Chipmunk (212), your IDE will suggest updating Kotlin to 1.7.0 automatically. You can also update manually for these IDEs by following these instructions.

For Intellij IDEA 2022.2, and Android Studio Dolphin (213) or Android Studio Electric Eel (221), the Kotlin plugin 1.7.0 will be delivered with upcoming Intellij IDEA and Android Studios updates.

Make sure that you have also updated the kotlinx libraries to compatible versions and specified version 1.7.0 of Kotlin in the build scripts of your existing projects.

If you need the command-line compiler, download it from the GitHub release page.

If you run into any problems

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What else to read and watch

Top issue reporters from YouTrack 

Philip Wedemann (28 issues), AndroidDeveloperLB (20 issues), Morgan Bartholomew (12 issues), meng wang (10 issues), Carlos Ballesteros Velasco (10 issues), Ivan Gavrilovic (9 issues), Steven Schäfer (9 issues), Tianyi Guan (9 issues), Niklas Baudy (9 issues), holger brandl (9 issues), Mike Hearn (8 issues), Eliezer Graber (8 issues), Waldemar Kornewald (8 issues), Piotr Krzemiński (8 issues), Yigit Boyar (7 issues), Javier Segovia Córdoba (7 issues), Oliver O. (7 issues), vivek modi (7 issues), Philip Dukhov (7 issues).

External contributors

We’d like to thank all of our contributors whose pull requests were included in this release: Jinseong Jeon, Tianyu Geng, pyos, Hung Nguyen, Mark Punzalan, Mads Ager, Steven Schäfer, Irene Dea, Ivan Gavrilovic, Xin Wang, Kristoffer Andersen, wrongwrong, Mattia Iavarone, Martin Petrov, Aurimas, Alexey Subach, Udi Cohen, Quantum64, Dario Seidl, David Saff, Denis Mekhanikov, Egor, Glen K. Peterson, Ian Lynagh, Iaroslav Postovalov, Jerome Prinet, Jiaxiang Chen, Joseph Walton, Kevin Bierhoff, Matthew Haughton, Michael Rittmeister, Morten Krogh-Jespersen, Nikolay Kasyanov, Piotr Krzeminski, 770grappenmaker, Rick Clephas, Ryan Nett, Shumaf Lovpache, Starlight220, Yigit Boyar, Zac Sweers, aragos, baratynskiy, ov7a, sgmoore, soywiz, tdn120.

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