Kotlin News: KotlinConf, Build Reports, DataFrame Preview, and More

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Kotlin Developer Survey is Open

Share your opinions about the language itself, IDEs, libraries, build tools, and subsystems. Your answers will help the Kotlin team make the language and tools even better and more convenient.

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KotlinConf is Back!

KotlinConf is making a glorious comeback! It will take place in Amsterdam on April 12–14, 2023. 🌷Workshops, talks, and fun are guaranteed! Get your tickets before they run out and join the Kotlin community at the event of the year!

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Introducing Kotlin Build Reports

Starting with Kotlin 1.7.0, you can create build reports for Kotlin compiler tasks. Reports allow you to see the durations of different compilation phases and investigate cases where incremental compilation could not be used. This functionality is still experimental, so the list of metrics may change.

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Unflow Case Study

Unflow is a next-generation CMS that allows you to create screens, flows, and features for mobile apps without a single line of code. Using Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile to build their cross-platform SDK saved the Uniflow team 2 months of build time and allowed their small operation to deliver an exceptionally high-quality product without compromising on performance or native capabilities.

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Kotlin DataFrame Preview

The Kotlin team has developed a Kotlin library for data frames, and its preview version is now available. It provides a readable and powerful DSL for data wrangling and i/o via CSV, JSON, Excel, and Apache Arrow, as well as interop with Kotlin data classes and hierarchical data schemas.

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Turbocharging Kotlin: Arrow Analysis, Optics, & Meta | Talking Kotlin

In this episode of Talking Kotlin, we chat with Arrow maintainers to learn how Arrow adds functional paradigms and safety to Kotlin, and how it aims to influence the future of the language.

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