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The Kotlin Mascot Returns – Say Hello to Kodee!

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We are excited to announce the arrival of Kotlin’s newly reimagined mascot that took the spotlight during KotlinConf. It’s been a while since we first introduced our mascot, but it is back and it has a name now – Kodee!

With your feedback in mind, we have redesigned our mascot to create an approachable and fun character that the Kotlin community can relate to.

Kotlin's redesigned mascot Kodee

We wanted to give our community something that was special and would spark imagination and evoke a sense of connection. We believe that our mascot should be more than just a symbol. It should be a friendly companion that our community can use to express themselves. 

Take a look at how our little friend can express a variety of emotions. It can be cheerful and happy, or, like the rest of us, it may feel blue at times. Kodee gained new abilities, such as running to speed up the process, chilling out, or even dancing.

Kotlin's newly redesigned mascot with a variety of emotions

We invite you to use Kodee in your digital and print materials. We have created specific Kotlin mascot guidelines that outline how our mascot should be used, including color schemes, font styles, and an overall design aesthetic.

We have also prepared Kotlin mascot assets for you to explore. You can download the assets here. We hope that our revamped mascot will help you spark your inner artist. Be creative and see where Kodee takes you!

If you are interested in developing your own adaptations, here are a few examples of what Kodee can look like.

Adaptations of Kotlin's newly updated mascot Kodee

Thank you so much for your feedback! It helped us create a mascot that truly represents who we are.

Stay tuned for more updates and news!

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