Kotlin 1.8.20 Released

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The Kotlin 1.8.20 release is out! Here are some highlights from this release:

For the complete list of changes, refer to What’s new in Kotlin 1.8.20 or release notes on GitHub.

New experimental Kotlin/Wasm target

Kotlin 1.8.20 introduces a new compilation target called WebAssembly.

We think WebAssembly is a promising technology, and we want to find better ways for you to use it and get all of the benefits of Kotlin.

Starting from this release, you can use Kotlin/Wasm in your multiplatform projects. Compiling Kotlin code to WebAssembly allows you to run it directly in the browser or any other environment that supports WebAssembly and meets Kotlin requirements. This opens up a wide range of possibilities, from building high-performance web applications to serverless functions.

Kotlin/Wasm is now Experimental. Your feedback is especially important at this stage of the product, and we encourage you to try Kotlin/Wasm. Follow this tutorial to create your first Kotlin/Wasm application:


How to install Kotlin 1.8.20

If you already use IntelliJ IDEA 2022.2, 2022.3, the IDE will suggest updating Kotlin to 1.8.20 automatically. You can also update manually by following these instructions. IntelliJ IDEA 2023.1 has the built-in Kotlin plugin 1.8.20.

For Android Studio Flamingo (222) and Giraffe (223), the Kotlin plugin 1.8.20 will be delivered with upcoming Android Studios updates.

If you need the command-line compiler, download it from the GitHub release page.

If you run into any problems

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Special thanks to our EAP Champions 🥇👏

They reported issues and helped us stabilize the Kotlin 1.8.20 release:

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