Kotlin 1.1 Released with JavaScript Support, Coroutines and more

Members of our community have translated this blog post into several languages:

Today we release Kotlin 1.1. It’s a big step forward enabling the use of Kotlin in many new scenarios, and we hope that you’ll enjoy it.

Kotlin 1.1

Our vision for Kotlin is to enable the use of a single expressive, performant, strongly typed language across all components of a modern application. Kotlin 1.1 makes two major steps towards this goal.

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Kotlin 1.1 Release Candidate is Here

As of today, Kotlin 1.1 has finally reached the release candidate stage. This means that most of our development work is done, we’re happy with the results, and we’ll soon publish them as a final Kotlin 1.1 release. We’ve done a lot of testing for this release internally, but the real world is always more varied than any test environment, so we need your help. Please try this build, and let us know about your experience!

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Our first book about Kotlin is out

We’re happy to announce that Kotlin in Action – a book about Kotlin written by the members of the Kotlin team – is now out, as both a eBook and a printed book. The book is written for experienced Java developers and covers all aspects of the language, without focusing on any specific problem domain. We received a lot of positive feedback about the book during Manning’s Early Access Preview program, so we hope that you’ll enjoy it too!

Kotlin in Action book

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Kotlin 1.1 Beta 2 is here

We’re happy to announce the second beta of Kotlin 1.1. Please give the new version a try – your feedback is essential for ensuring that we can deliver a quality release.

Since the first beta release, we’ve mostly been focused on stability, bugfixes, and improving the key focus areas of this release: coroutine support and the JavaScript backend. The full list of changes since 1.1 Beta can be found in the changelog. And if you’re interested in a recap of everything added in version 1.1, check out our what’s new page.

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Announcing the Support Program for Kotlin User Groups and Events

Today we are launching a new Community section at our web-site!

Explore Kotlin Community

It will provide you with the guidelines to organize Kotlin related events, and the description of support managed by JetBrains. We are now happy to announce that we have formalized the support process for User Groups and Events around Kotlin.

It is exciting to see that in 2016 about 150,000 of developers all over the world tried Kotlin. We now have an amazing community, which enables us to hold Kotlin-dedicated talks and meetups. We have also held two Kotlin Nights: the first one was in San-Francisco and the other one was in London. What is even more fantastic is that you, the community, start to organise these events, and we are here to help. It is also great to see demand for more Kotlin Nights.

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Kotlin 1.1: What’s coming in the standard library

Java 9 preparations

Java 9 is coming and brings Project Jigsaw to the table — the Java platform module system. One of the constraints it imposes is that no two modules can declare public API in the same package. The situation, when there are two modules that contribute to the same package, is called “split” package.

We face this issue with split packages in our runtime artifacts: first, kotlin-runtime and kotlin-stdlib modules share a lot of kotlin.* packages, second, kotlin-runtime and kotlin-reflect share kotlin.reflect package. What we’re going to do to make our artifacts more friendly to the module system:

  1. We merge kotlin-runtime and kotlin-stdlib into the single artifact kotlin-stdlib. Also we’re going to rename kotlin-runtime.jar, shipped in the compiler distribution, to kotlin-stdlib.jar, to reduce the amount of confusion caused by having differently named standard library in different build systems.
    That rename will happen in two stages: in 1.1 there will be both kotlin-runtime.jar and kotlin-stdlib.jar with the same content in the compiler distribution, and in 1.2 the former will be removed.

  2. In kotlin-reflect module we move all API from kotlin.reflect to kotlin.reflect.full package. Kotlin 1.1 will have the former API deprecated with the replacements suggested, and it will be removed eventually in 1.2.
    Note that this change will affect only extension functions and properties provided by kotlin-reflect for reflection interfaces and a couple of exception classes. Reflection interfaces themselves are located in the standard library and won’t be moved.

If you use maven or gradle and depend on kotlin-stdlib, you won’t need to change anything. If you depend on kotlin-runtime, you should replace that dependency with kotlin-stdlib.

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Kotlin 1.1 Beta Is Here!

Congratulations! Today Kotlin 1.1 has reached Beta, and this means that

  • it’s time to try it out,
  • there’s still time to give us your feedback (and we really need it!),
  • the release is coming fairly soon.

Kotlin 1.1 Beta

We’ve seen a lot of interest in Kotlin over the past year, and would like to thank all our users, contributors and supporters. Special thanks to early adopters of new features for their bravery and feedback to our EAP builds!

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Kotlin 1.0.6 is here!

We are happy to announce the release of Kotlin 1.0.6, the new bugfix and tooling update for Kotlin 1.0. This version brings a significant number of improvements related to the IDE plugin and Android support.

We’d like to thank our external contributors whose pull requests are included in this release: Kirill Rakhman and Yoshinori Isogai. We also want to thank everyone of our EAP users for their feedback. It is really valuable for us, as always.

You can find the full list of changes in the changelog. Some of the changes worth highlighting are described below. Continue reading

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Kotlin 1.1-M04 is here!

We are glad to present you the fourth milestone of the upcoming Kotlin release. We’re wrapping up the development of the version 1.1, with the final release planned for Q1 2017. Most features are already in decent shape, so it is a good time to try it and give us your feedback. We will appreciate it a lot!

As with other milestone releases, we give no backwards compatibility guarantees for new language and library features. Anything introduced in milestone releases of 1.1 is subject to change before the final 1.1 release.

Please do share your feedback regarding the new features or any problems that you may run into with this release, via YouTrack, forums and Slack.

This milestone brings a significant rework of coroutine syntax and semantics, making coroutines simpler and more flexible. It also contains standard library enhancements, new language features and compiler plugins, numerous features and improvement in the JS backend, and many other fixes and updates.
The new release also includes all features introduced in the Kotlin 1.0.6, including updates for compatibility with Android Studio 2.3 Beta 1.

The full changelog is available here and some key changes are listed below:
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Kotlin 1.1-M03 is here!

We are pleased to announce the third milestone of the upcoming Kotlin 1.1. This release brings new language features as well as improvements and fixes in the JavaScript backend, compiler and IDEA plugin. The new release also includes all tooling features introduced in Kotlin 1.0.5, and is compatible with IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3 EAP and Android Studio 2.2 and 2.3.

As with other milestone releases, we give no backwards compatibility guarantees for new language and library features. Anything introduced in milestone releases of 1.1 is subject to change before the final 1.1 release.

Please do share your feedback regarding the new features or any problems that you may run into with this release, via YouTrack, forums and Slack.

The full changelog for 1.1-M03 is available here.

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