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Language workbench to create Domain-Specific Languages


A public language repository for JetBrains MPS now open

JetBrains MPS is a language development tool and as such needs a common place for its users to easily share their languages. There wasn’t such a place until today. The good news is that this has just changed. If you open-up the plugin manager in MPS and click Browse repositories, you’ll see a list of available plugins, which you can immediately install with a single mouse click.

Here’s a link for you to bookmark – the JetBrains MPS repository of language plugins

As you can see, we’ve only just started. The number of plugins will grow over time as we all contribute our languages. I’d like to encourage you, if you have created something worth spreading feel free to upload your work for others to use. We all will benefit.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains MPS Team

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