Early Access Program Features

Early Access Program of MPS 2021.1 is open

The Early Access Program is an important part of our product development process for identifying critical issues with the new release features. If you encounter any problems, please report them to our issue tracker. Check out the new functionality that we have prepared for you.

Improved access to $LOOP$ macro variables

It is now possible to refer to the input node of a LOOP macro by using a LOOP.inputNode expression, removing the need to use a VAR macro. The index of the LOOP can also be accessed under the same namespace by using LOOP.index and replacing the previous user-defined context variable.

Synchronize scrolling in the Diff editor

It is now possible to switch off the editor scrolling synchronization in the Diff dialog with a button.

New Java compiler

We are now using a javax.tools compiler by default instead of the Eclipse Java compiler. The new compiler should support Java Annotation Processors (one of our top-voted issues. If you face any problems during compilation, please report them to our issue tracker).

To switch back to the Eclipse Java compiler, launch MPS with ‘mps.compiler.java=ecj’ as the system property in ‘mps.vmpoptions’.

Baseline MPS version for project migrations

Now, when a new project is created, a ‘baseline’ MPS version will be saved. Project migrations from MPS versions earlier than the project’s baseline version won’t apply. This gives authors the flexibility to give project migrations a specified desired ‘baseline’ version that they can modify in the Project migration interface in the new ‘getBaselineVersion():int method’.

When there is no version for the project, the default version will be 2018.1 and the migration will run according to that. For any project, you can still apply any project migration by running it manually from the Migrations menu.


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