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Automatic broken references resolution in MPS 3.1

One of the neat enhancements that has been implemented in MPS 3.1 is the ability of the editor to automatically re-resolve broken or out-of-scope references. Imagine, for example, that you refer to a field from a piece of BaseLanguage code, e.g. from a … Continue reading

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MPS in presentation mode

Here’s a useful tip for presenting with MPS – since version 3.1 MPS supports presentation mode, in which the editor occupies the whole screen real-estate. No tool-bars, no tool panels and no menus. Just code. Plus the Appearance configuration screen in Project settings allows … Continue reading

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Parentheses projectional editing

Projectional editors have always fallen behind plain text ones when it came to manipulating parentheses in expressions. Adding a single parenthesis would turn the AST invalid and thus you had to add both parentheses at the same time through actions … Continue reading

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Experimenting with multiple-projections

Have you tried one of the most prominent features of MPS 3.0 – multiple editor projections? Developers can now switch between alternative notations and so always pick the one that fits best the task at hands. This is really an … Continue reading

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Coming in JetBrains MPS 3.0 – multiple editor projections

Today we’ve got another video giving you a taste of what’s being prepared for the upcoming 3.0 release – multiple editor projections. This is truly unleashing the power of projectional editing. The new support for multiple projections will give the … Continue reading

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Fluent Java editing in MPS 3.0

Here’s a short video showing some of the new capabilities of the MPS BaseLanguage (Java) editor coming in 3.0. Based on the feedback we received from many of our users, we put extra effort into making the editor feel like … Continue reading

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Two new screen-casts to introduce you into MPS

The JetBrains TV site now hosts two new introductory screen-casts loaded with practical tips and tricks that aim to help people start using MPS effectively. While the first demo describes how to work with the MPS editor, the second one … Continue reading

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The MPS 2.0 Future Series: Part 1. The Editor

MPS evolves really quickly. With the 2.0 release getting closer it’s time for us to dip our toes into what’s coming. Today, we’ll discuss the new features targetting the MPS editor. MPS 2.0 will come with support for tables and … Continue reading

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