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Experimenting with multiple-projections

Have you tried one of the most prominent features of MPS 3.0 – multiple editor projections?
Developers can now switch between alternative notations and so always pick the one that fits best the task at hands. This is really an exciting addition to the MPS feature set.

To help you start experimenting, we bundled a new multipleProjections sample project with MPS 3.0 EAP releases. This sample comes with a simplified state-machine definition language that offers two notations – a structural and a tabular one. Exploring the project will teach you how multiple notations can be implemented.
We’ve also added a section on multiple projections to the Editor Cookbook, which explains the key principles and guides you through the sample project.
Additionally, you may like to watch a short introductory screen-cast.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains MPS Team

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