AppCode 1.5.4: Some critical fixes and fine-tuning

In the new AppCode 1.5.4 update we have fixed some critical issues left since previous update. Check the full list of the fixes here.

You can either use ‘Check for updates…’ to quickly update AppCode or download the new version directly from AppCode web site.

And now it is time to make some new features, right? Let us know if you have something in mind, then.

Develop with pleasure!
-The AppCode Team

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4 Responses to AppCode 1.5.4: Some critical fixes and fine-tuning

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    Hubert says:

    May 19, 2012

    Two quick things:

    1) Refine how the autocomplete works with methods and parens. I type in the name, pick from the autocomplete list, which puts in the closing parens as well. I overwrite one parameter, tab to go to the next and overwrite that, until I reach the end. At that point, the closing paren is in my way. I have to use the arrow key to go beyond it – I can’t just type in a closing paren like in IntelliJ to move past it. It’s unintuitive for me.

    2) Allow line commenting that follows the indentation, rather than always on the first column. This is also an option available in Intellij. The “//” at the end distracts from the readability of the code IMO.

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      Anton Makeev says:

      May 21, 2012


      The problem here is that typing ‘]’ bracket after a method call would automatically insert ‘[‘ bracket. There is a conflict with the feature you are used to – overtyping a bracket. The only way to prevent this is to disable ‘[‘ auto-insertion (please vote for if you are interested). For the functions, typing ‘)’ should work the same way as in IntelliJ IDEA. Please create a bug report if it doesn’t work for you.

      Commenting also works as in IntelliJ IDEA, please check Preferences->Code Style->Code Generation.

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        John Doe says:

        August 21, 2013

        He said parenthesis, NOT brackets. I too find this behavior very annoying, and XCode doesn’t have this problem. You can tab all the way to the end of the line where you put in the semi-colon.

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          Anton Makeev says:

          August 21, 2013

          parenthesis behave very same way whey behave in IntelliJ – if you type ‘)’ near the existing ‘)’ it will be overwritten. So we don’t observe the described behavior. The only problem we aware of, is a different behavior for ‘]’, that doesn’t overwrite existing bracket, but automatically adds an opening ‘[‘ in the suitable place.
          If you experience problems with parenthesis, please file a bug report with an example.

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