AppCode 2.0 EAP build #128.90

Hello everyone!

Moving forward almost with the speed of light, we are publishing yet another AppCode 2.0 EAP build with a number of improvements based on your feedback. In addition, we enhanced code completion with a new ability – now it can help you even with font names.

Take a look at the complete list of changes, and if you have suggestions, a bug to report, or an improvement to suggest, there is no better time than now! Our issue tracker and forums are open for your feedback!

As usual, you can find the latest EAP build here.

Sincerely yours,
AppCode Team

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3 Responses to AppCode 2.0 EAP build #128.90

  1. Lee says:

    You guys really need to look at debugging performance. It is abysmally slow when compared to xcode – so much that I just use xcode for debugging, which is a shame.

    I can almost 100% repro the situation where a step over a line of code never returns and the only recovery is to stop the app being debugged. This is on both hardware and simulator.

  2. Anton Makeev says:

    Leo, unfortunately, without knowing specifics there is not much we can do. But if you could create a bug report with your reproducible case, we would readily investigate it.

  3. Lee says:

    Done –

    Thanks for the responsiveness, AppCode is truly an awesome product.

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