AppCode 2.0 EAP build #129.1

Hey fellows,

We’re getting closer and closer to the final release date, and at this moment we are focused at fixing known issues, and generally polishing the build. Thus, the new AppCode 2.0 EAP build comes with a number of fixes.

If you didn’t find an issue you reported on the list, you can remind us about it by leaving a comment or voting for it in the tracker. Naturally, any new issues you encounter are cordially welcome in the tracker, and discussion forums.

The build is available for download in its regular place – on the EAP page.

With pleasure develop.
The AppCode Team

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3 Responses to AppCode 2.0 EAP build #129.1

  1. Lee says:

    There are issues with debugging – it seems that for some reason in a new debugging session it’s trying to evaluate old watches – even though there are no watches defined.

    I get errors like this all the time:

    Evaluation hung: ((long)([((id)(0x01270020)) respondsToSelector: @selector(count)]))
    This may be caused by something like a deadlock or an infinite loop.
    To prevent this from happening when variables are calculated, please toggle ‘Enable Value Renderers’ off.
    It seems like somewhere AppCode is remembering old watch targets and trying to evaluate them. Kind of sucks because the entire debugging session is hosed after this error.
    I’ve also disabled “Enable value Renderers” under debugging.
    I’ve left a bug report on this also.

  2. Scott Deboy says:

    I’d love to see fixed



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