AppCode 2 released!

Finally it’s here! We’re happy to tell you that today AppCode 2.0 is officially available.
In this release we have added support for popular Kiwi testing framework to help you get the best out of TDD approach. We also introduced integration with 2 external documentation browsers: Dash and Ingredients.
AppCode wouldn’t be AppCode if we didn’t boosted it yet again with a whole bunch of smart features like new refactorings, code generation options, better coding assistance and code analysis, and so on.

To name just a few of the release highlights:

  • Extended and improved set of refactorings, adding such vital ones as Move/Copy/Clone and Pull Members Up/Push Members Down.
  • Even more code generation options: now you can easily surround code with
    -respondsToSelector: and automatically add the methods -isEqual: and -hash,
    -description, -copyWithZone:, -initWithCoder: and -encodeWithCoder:.
  • Over 2000 code inspections and error diagnostics notes from Clang compiler, now displayed right in the editor. You can also see issues from Clang Analyzer in the inspections runner.
  • Core Data objects shown in the debugger.
  • Improved device support featuring options to run tests and Instruments on an iOS device.

Plus, bundled XPath support and support for Emmet, insured complete interoperability with the latest Xcode version, made the IDE faster, enhanced support for version control systems, added retina-friendly icons, and, of course, brought new beautiful dark UI theme called Darcula!

For more details, check What’s new and the complete list of fixes, and download the smartest Objective-C IDE!

Note that upgrading to AppCode 2.0 is free if you purchased your license on or after March 21, 2012.

Develop with pleasure!
-The AppCode Team

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14 Responses to AppCode 2 released!

  1. Bill says:

    CONGRATS! Very excited to move on from the EAP’s I’ve been using for the last few months.

  2. Florent says:

    Congrats to the team! AppCode 2.0 is a solid and feature-rich release I have been using non-stop since the first 2.0 EAP versions have been out. There’s no way I would code without AppCode (nor IntelliJ for Android code) now.

  3. Jacob Gorban says:

    Been using the EAP for a long time and I’m very happy with it now.
    My bug reports were also fixed.
    Kudos to the team.

  4. Josh Hight says:

    Congrats, guys!

  5. Manuel Binna says:

    Congratulations to the release of AppCode 2.0! Thank you for this awesome product.

  6. Anton Makeev says:

    Thanks fellows!
    We’ll do our best to keep the bar high.

  7. Aidan Steele says:

    I don’t often comment on blogs, but I felt compelled to say that this is a superb release and I’m happy to have paid every single dollar for AppCode. I was delighted to renew my subscription a few weeks ago and see myself doing so for quite some time. Keep up the good work.

  8. Dmitriy Isaev says:

    Thanks again, JetBrains! Your products are like SSDs. They save hours!

  9. ivan says:

    appcode2.0 can’t filter the properties already synthesized?

  10. George Cook says:

    Yep ! it’s a great release. Thanks chaps. Happy with your licensing terms too.

  11. nikolaus heger says:

    Thanks for keeping up the good work, guys.

    Loving Darcula!

  12. Rafael Ubaldo says:

    I would like to have a JetBrains IDE like AppCode wherein I can edit iOS and Android, like a JetBrains mobile studio.

    • Stanislav Dombrovsky says:

      Hm, is it because you’re working both with Android and iOS projects, so you need to have everything in one place?

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