AppCode 2.1.1 update is available

Hi folks,

in this update we have fixed a few critical problems, in particular in project building when error messages from custom scripts caused build to fail. Also, we’ve improved build messages output and error reporting.

Those of you who happened to have projects with complex dependencies (e.g. when iOS targets depend on OS X targets) can also try AppCode 2.1.1 with the latest Xcode developer preview – with new xcodebuild AppCode is able to correctly build such configurations. Please note that this only is supported if AppCode 2.1.1 runs on Xcode 5 DP2 (check used Xcode version in AppCode | Preferences | Xcode).

There is a known issue with Xcode 5 DP2 – iPhone simulator may hang when launched from AppCode. To workaround the problem, use File | Open Project in Xcode, launch iPhone simulator from Xcode and select Hardware | Device | iPhone Retina. After that AppCode will be able to launch simulator correctly.
We are working on the fix and it will be available in 2.1.2.

Please let us know if you have any other issues with DP2 – as usual bug reports are very welcome in our public tracker.

You can download the build manually, or wait till auto-update is available.

All the best,
The AppCode Team

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    Jordan Bondo says:

    July 3, 2013

    You made it so that in the build message output you can hide WARNINGS instead of ERRORS! I love you. This build seems to be a lot more stable. Thanks!

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