New AppCode 3.2 EAP with improvements for mixed Swift/Objective-C code


AppCode 3.2 EAP build 141.2263 is available for download. From the Swift and Objective-C side, this build delivers:

  • Resolve for the custom Swift frameworks (for example, Alamofire).
  • Swift bridging header problems fixes: OC-11488, OC-10856, OC-12151.
  • Resolve for members (properties, functions, etc) of Swift classes when used in Objective-C. Please note, that renaming Swift member elements from Objective-C code is not yet supported.
  • Code Data objects rendering for Xcode 6.3+.
  • Some small fixes for __nullable/__nonnull keywords (OC-12083 and OC-12084).

Other changes include bundled LESS, SASS and YAML plugins.

The full list of improvements can be found in our tracker.

New build is available for download on the confluence page. The patch update is also available if you are using previous 3.2 EAP build.

Develop with pleasure,
The AppCode Team

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20 Responses to New AppCode 3.2 EAP with improvements for mixed Swift/Objective-C code

  1. Jens Kohl says:

    Does this »Resolve for the custom Swift frameworks (for example, Alamofire).« only work if I’m _not_ using CocoaPods? Since in my project »Alamofire.« does not bring up a dropdown with a list of its methods. Neither does hitting ⌃Spache help – it just says »No suggestions«.

    Or do I need a special reindexing, since I came from 3.1.2 over the last EAP release to this one?

    • Anastasia Kazakova says:

      Should be working, so, please, yes, do Invalidate Caches and Restart.

      • Jens Kohl says:

        I tried that but it didn’t help. Any other suggestions what I can do?

        Does the project needs to be build once? I tried it with a project where I don’t set any codesign-specific things (I just build and run it from Xcode – AppCode reports 4 errors when I try to build and run it from within AppCode).

      • John says:

        Not working for me either. In my case I have a workspace with 4 Swift modules in it. None of the modules can see each other. I have, obviously, imported the modules, and it all works fine in Xcode.

  2. Matt Sinclair says:

    This EAP (with your bundled JSK) is basically unusable for me on a four core MacBook Pro. I will have to revert back to the previous EAP. The CPU is working flat out.

    Indexing is done, but the code sense is completely wrong. Performance is really bad. No Swift in this project.

    After over a year of AppCode running hot, the Java performance problems are becoming really, really tedious. For me, solving it is much more of a priority than features or other bug fixes. Is there any data I can provide to help debug this?

  3. Antoni says:

    I found another bug that is new to this version, in ObjC – when I use completion for block, it will add | sign inside the block (where normally cursor was placed) and will place cursor just outside the block.

    For example:
    [UIView animateWithDuration:0.3 animations:^{
    with cursor between } and ];

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