New AppCode 2018.1 EAP, build 181.3741.22

New AppCode 2018.1 EAP build is already available on our site with the following fixes and improvements:

  • Swift:
    • Support for multi-line documentation comments (OC-12865)
    • SE-0186 (Remove ownership keyword support in protocols)
    • SE-0044 (Import as member)
    • SE-0075 (Adding a build configuration import test)
    • Fix for the problem when Swift file with a big size was not correctly processed and caused resolve problems in the whole target (OC-16556)
  • Improved Tab completion for Objective-C (OC-5107)
  • Better resolve for C++ with the correct processing for c++17 and gnu++17 compiler switches (OC-16569)
  • Lots of improvements for bundled color schemes (Blackboard, Cobalt and others). Besides, some platform color schemes (such as Github) are now also bundled in AppCode:Color schemes

The full release notes are available here.

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9 Responses to New AppCode 2018.1 EAP, build 181.3741.22

  1. asd says:

    I find it funny that the screenshot for multi-line documentation comment is using single-line documentation comments, i.e. /// rather than /* */.

  2. Stuart Robertson says:

    The 2018.1 EAP builds (both the earlier one and the latest one) seem to have hopelessly broken settings import. Exporting settings from 2017.3.3 and importing into 2018.1 EAP loses custom keymaps, text colours, etc etc. I’ve tried reverting to default settings in 2018.1 EAP and then importing exported settings again, to no avail. The loss of the custom keymaps is particularly devastating as I have come to rely on a variety of custom shortcuts.

    Anyone having the same issue? And, even better, anyone know how to fix this?

    • Stanislav Dombrovsky says:

      Could you please send us your exported settings from 2017.3.3, so we could check the problem on our side? There were changes specifically for Xcode keymap recently and there are changes for bundled color schemes, but they should not affect custom schemes and keymaps created previously.

  3. Stuart Robertson says:

    Hi Stanislav,

    I’ve uploaded my settings.jar into

  4. Alberto says:

    Great progress on this build! I’d love to see improvements in refactorings…

    Anyway, I’m having an issue with 2018.1 where simple copy-pasting of a folder name from the Project tree panel is not working.

    AppCode 2018.1 EAP
    Build #OC-181.3741.22, built on February 14, 2018
    AppCode EAP User
    Expiration date: March 16, 2018
    JRE: 1.8.0_152-release-1136-b11 x86_64
    JVM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM by JetBrains s.r.o
    macOS 10.13.3

    • Tatiana Shabaeva says:

      Hi Alberto, just to clarify – do you mean there’s a problem with copy-paste of a folder name or the folder itself (along with its contents) is not copied?

  5. test1 says:

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