Moving on to AppCode 2018.2

Last week we released AppCode 2018.1, now it’s time to share our plans for the next release.

Please note this is a preliminary plan, so not all the features listed below may make it into AppCode 2018.2.
  • Swift:
    • Swift 4.2 and 5.0 support
    • Completion for keyPaths (OC-15922)
    • Setter access modifiers (OC-15409)
    • Issues related to implicitly imported Swift modules (OC-15214, OC-15924).
  • Objective-C:
    • Issues related to header maps support (OC-15000)
    • Objective-C/Swift translation improvements
  • Ability to debug app extensions (OC-10697).
  • Problem with resolve of the EFFECTIVE_PLATFORM_NAME property (OC-6170) that leads to various other problems, such as false warnings and errors in the code analysis for Objective-C/C++/Swift

We plan to open the AppCode 2018.2 EAP around mid-May this time. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

Your AppCode team
The Drive to Develop

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