AppCode 2019.1.1 is here


AppCode 2019.1.1 update is available to download from our site. This build addresses the following issues:

  • Stable freeze on IDE start when several projects are opened (OC-18440)
  • Generated hashValue might cause an integer overflow (OC-18199)
  • Swift 5: Handle throwing String literals (OC-18297)
  • Move refactoring dialog (Escalate visibility) never closes (CPP-15655)

In addition, it includes caches for Xcode 10.2.1, so if you’re using this Xcode version together with AppCode, symbol caching on first project opening should now be faster.

For the full list of fixes please see the release notes.

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5 Responses to AppCode 2019.1.1 is here

  1. Avatar

    Marcel Bradea says:

    April 25, 2019

    Guys, the whole of AppCode 2019.1.X is unusable and should have never made it past the RCs. It’s been like this for all the EAPs and despite the huge amount of performance regressions you guys pushed through with a release anyways. Not cool

    All 3 of my active projects suffer from lock-up and EXTREMELY long loads.
    Projects can take 10+ mins to load on an i9, 32 GB machine.

    • Stanislav Dombrovsky

      Stanislav Dombrovsky says:

      April 25, 2019

      Can we schedule a Skype session to take a look at your projects, compare with 2018.3.x and understand, what happens and what changed? I’m ready to discuss the time suitable for you in email (stanislav.dombrovsky at I think it should be faster rather than several iterations with logs.

  2. Avatar

    Jinwook Jeon says:

    May 3, 2019

    Me neither.
    AppCode couldn’t do indexing for the swift extensions and takes too long time to load the workspace

    I should have kept previous version 2019.1.0
    I can’t use AppCode currently.

    When will you fix it?

    • Avatar

      Jinwook Jeon says:

      May 3, 2019

      Not only me but also my all colleagues has same issue.

    • Avatar

      Vyacheslav Karpukhin says:

      May 3, 2019

      Hi Jinwook. We’re not aware of any regressions in 2019.1.1 comparing to 2019.1. Please contact our support (Help -> Contact support) for a proper troubleshooting.

      In the meantime, you can download 2019.1 from this page:

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