AppCode 2019.2 Roadmap

Hi everyone,

We haven’t announced a roadmap for AppCode 2019.1, because it was mostly focused on fixing bugs. Now it’s time for AppCode 2019.2, and here we have a lot more new features to look forward to!

  • Swift:

    • Swift 5.1 support
    • Call Hierarchy (OC-11221)
    • Markdown support for documentation comments (OC-14036)
    • Closure folding (OC-13294)
  • Xcode 11 support
  • Code Coverage (OC-2945)
  • Completion performance
  • Run/Build/Debug/Test while indexing (OC-11127)
  • Enhanced Generate actions

We plan to open the AppCode 2019.2 EAP around mid-May. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments below.

Your AppCode Team
The Drive to Develop

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4 Responses to AppCode 2019.2 Roadmap

  1. Dan says:

    Where did you find Xcode 11?

    • David says:

      I think they’re talking in a forward looking way. Xcode 11 should be imminent —at least the beta—and the most common question asked when a new version of Xcode I dropped is, “when will you support it?”

      By including it in the 2019.2 roadmap, people know not to expect it in 2019.1.x.

    • Stanislav Dombrovsky says:

      We always have new Xcode betas or release at the same time when we work on the second update. That’s why we plan to dedicate our resources for handling compatibility issues.

  2. Christopher Hatton says:

    It’s disconcerting for a developer like me who is investing heavily in Kotlin Native, to see no mention of continued or improved support for this workflow. Currently the Kotlin/Native plugin is only compatible as far as 2019.1.3. I suspect it hasn’t been mentioned because it’s being worked on as a plugin by a different JetBrains team, rather than being a core AppCode feature. Nontheless; you might want to consider the small but growing importance of K/N to iOS Developers and be mindful of the overall message in this roadmap…?

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