JetBrains Security Bulletin 2018 Q1

We have resolved a series of security issues in our products within the first quarter of 2018. Below is a summary of the more important ones, including the description and the version in which they were resolved.

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Educational Products by JetBrains

Back in 2015, when we announced JetBrains’ new brand, we were talking about the drive that identified us as a company and as developers, and united us with our users. We were talking not only about the drive to develop but also about the drive to face new challenges and to make a dent in this world.

Today we’re taking another step to prove our beliefs. Please welcome the free and open source Educational Products by JetBrains.


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Python Developers Survey 2017 Results: Learn about the community

At the very end of 2017, the Python Software Foundation together with JetBrains conducted an official Python Developers Survey. We set out to identify the latest trends and gather insight into how the Python development world looks today. Over 9,500 developers from almost 150 countries participated to help us map out an accurate landscape of the Python community.PythonDevelopersSurvey2017We are super-excited to share the results of the survey with you!

View the results of Python Developers Survey 2017

We hope the survey findings will help all of us better understand the current state of the Python developer community, see the big picture, and answer some potential questions. Find out about the most popular types of Python development, trending frameworks, libraries and tools, additional languages used together with Python, adoption rates of different Python versions, and gain many other insights into the world of Python.

We couldn’t include all the potential findings into the report without bloating it. If you have specific questions that are unanswered, send them to us and we’ll dig into the data for an answer. Or if you want to delve into the data yourself, we’re also sharing the raw survey data, which anyone can use to arrive at their own conclusions and additional findings.

We’ll be glad to learn about your findings! Please share them on twitter or other social media mentioning @jetbrains‏ and @ThePSF with the #pythondevsurvey2017 hashtag. We’re also extremely open to any suggestions and feedback related to this survey so we can run an even better one next time.

Huge thanks to all the participants of the survey and to the amazing team at PSF and JetBrains that worked hard to make this happen!

The Drive to Develop

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Update on SSH Access to GitHub in IntelliJ-based IDEs

GitHub introduced a change last week that drops support for weak cryptographic keys. This has resulted in connectivity issues for some users who are connecting to GitHub using SSH and the built-in client SSH Executable.

To rehash, there are two ways to work with Git and SSH when using any of the IntelliJ-based products:

  • Using Built-in SSH client
  • Using Native SSH client

This setting is configured under Version Control | Git | SSH executable:

It is only when you use the built-in client that this causes issues with the recent changes with GitHub.

This issue has already been fixed for 2018.1 EAP and will be available in the release version. In the meantime, as a workaround, you can switch to using Native support. Please note however that when using this option, if your SSH keys are protected with a passphrase they need to be added at system level. This is usually done by using a tool such as ssh-agent.

We are also backporting the fix to 2017.3 and the EAP for this is already available, with the release version due out in the coming weeks.

To recap, your options right now are:

  • Use 2018.1 EAP
  • Use 2017.3 EAP
  • Switch to use Native as a workaround

We do apologize for not having resolved this issue sooner and will strive to improve.

The JetBrains Team

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Introducing public beta of Datalore – web application for machine learning

Last Monday, February 12, we launched a public beta of Datalore – an intelligent web application for data analysis and visualization in Python.

Today, machine learning is at the heart of many commercial applications and research projects. By introducing Datalore, we’re extending the JetBrains product family to the machine learning-specific environment in Python.

We’re launching this tool inspired by the JetBrains vision – to make development as enjoyable and productive as possible for everyone. Datalore aims to turn working with data into a delightful experience with helpers such as smart coding assistance, incremental computations, and built-in tools for machine learning.

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JetBrains Toolbox 2017.3 adds GoLand IDE to the toolset

Before the end of 2017, the JetBrains Toolbox family of products have been updated for the third time to 2017.3! Every tool has been expanded, polished, and refined in multiple areas, to give you a superior user experience and the biggest productivity gains yet.

And it got another addition to the family — JetBrains GoLand, a new cross-platform GO IDE.
The new IDE extends the IntelliJ platform with coding assistance and tool integrations specific to the Go language. Read more about GoLand and try it!
Note: If you use IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, you can take advantage of GoLand’s functionality inside IntelliJ IDEA via this plugin.


As to the other changes, we’ll start with WebStorm and DataGrip as they empower the other IntelliJ Platform IDEs with features for web development and database development.

WebStorm improves JavaScript code completion, and documentation for standard objects and methods, and adds a new ‘Pull member up’ refactoring. TypeScript developers can now use ‘Extract type’ and ‘Extract interface’ refactorings. Vue.js support has been improved, plus there is a collection of special code snippets added for Vue. Other improvements include a better watch mode and code coverage reports for Jest, and a new REST Client to test the APIs right from the editor.

DataGrip is packed with improvements that are also available in the other JetBrains Toolbox IDEs. The changes include new features in the Database tree view such as Group data sources and others. The Data editor can paste data in a DSV format and compare cells in Diff viewer; there is a new SQL generator, better JOIN statement completion, convenient execution of script files and queries, plus enhancements in SSH.
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Take part in our new Developer Ecosystem Survey 2018

Update (November 5th): We’ve published the raw data. Get it!

Update (June 7th): We have published the report. Check it out!

We love getting the real opinions of developers at JetBrains, be it the users of our products or not. This is the world we are a part of; we like to hear what you think so we can make sure the products we have fully serve the people that they are made for.

But still, it is not always possible to represent everyone’s input into the system. We all contribute in some way, by keeping languages from extinction, and helping others build in popularity; you are an important factor in our continuous evolution.
To get a better look at this complex ecosystem, we continue to run: Developer Ecosystem Survey.

A lot has changed over the last year, and we need to ask you for your help putting together the pieces, and to see how the developer ecosystem is evolving. Our goal is to involve as many developers as possible, from as many regions as we can (the survey is available in 7 languages). We want to include any developers, no matter what IDE or editor they use or programming language they prefer, and get an accurate real representation of the diversity everyone’s contribution has to this thriving community.

So, let your voice be heard! Complete our survey for the chance to win some special prizes.

Please make sure to share this with your friends and colleagues; we would like everyone to have a chance to contribute.

The survey should take you about 15-20 minutes to complete.

The JetBrains Research Team

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Keep up the great work!

Today we’ve raffled off the final 10 remaining personal yearly subscriptions to All Products pack thus concluding our #JetBrainsRaffle.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has participated and shared their impressive achievements of this year with the #Developed2017 hashtag and helped us highlight the individual contributions of you all within the community.

We hope that you finish this year geared toward to innovation, learning, developing incredible new features, tackling complicated problems, and sharing knowledge! And, even though we are not raffling any prizes off any longer, we will still be looking at all the posts with the #Developed2017 hashtag and taking a lot of inspiration from them. So keep sharing your accomplishments and check out what others have written themselves and see why we are so proud to be part of such a great community.

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Let’s celebrate the year’s achievements together!

With the year coming to an end, many of us tend to look back and reminisce about the things we’ve achieved during this year. As a software development community and as individual developers we have all reached new milestones, moved the industry forward, and learned new things on the way. Let’s look together at what we all accomplished in 2017 and celebrate our common drive to create great software!

For us, for example, there have been important announcements like the one at Google I/O, we’ve held our first ever Kotlin conference, our colleagues were elected to the JCP (Java Community Process) Executive committee, and, of course we released a number of new versions of all of our tools and two completely new products – Rider and GoLand. We developed new features, we fixed bugs, we participated in conferences to share what we know best, and we learned a lot. None of this would have been possible without the input from our community, our users, and the individuals within the company.

What about you? Did you learn a new programming language? Did you create an awesome new project, feature, or open source library? Did you have your first talk at a user group or a conference sharing what you know best? Did you fix an extremely complex issue and save the universe? Did you reproduce that bug when no one else could? Each milestone, big or small, they all make a difference!

Tweet about your software development related accomplishment with the hashtag #Developed2017 and let’s see how much the whole community has moved forward this year. (Please stick to the topic of software development as best you can.)

As it is also the time of the year for giving, we want to help you celebrate your incredible achievements. That’s why we’ve decided to raffle off some amazing prizes! To participate in the raffle, tweet about your achievement with the hashtags #Developed2017 and #JetBrainsRaffle.

From December 18th through December 22th, every day we’ll be randomly selecting 10 tweets with these two hashtags and giving away special prizes! Each day you’ll have the chance to win one of 10 personal yearly subscriptions to All Products pack. If you didn’t win on a certain day, you can try again, and again, until you do.

So share your achievements from this year with the hashtags #Developed2017 and #JetBrainsRaffle, help the world see how much the whole community has accomplished, and end the year on a high with a gift from JetBrains to help you develop into next year!

UPD: Check out all the amazing achievements people are sharing and tell everyone about yours!

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Join the “GitHub and IntelliJ IDEs” Webinar

GitHub helps teams collaborate around code and work together, and JetBrains IDEs help keep GitHub versioning working productively without switching contexts. Our IDEs also put a pretty face on sometimes cryptic Git commands while preserving the power of high-end versioning productivity.

GitHub is hosting a webinar with JetBrains Developer Advocate Paul Everitt on Monday, December 11th to show GitHub and IntelliJ Platform IDEs working together to make collaboration around source code easier. The webinar will give a brief introduction to the “GitHub Flow” of branch-based, pull-request development as seen through JetBrains IDEs. We’ll clone repositories, pull updates, commit changes, create pull requests, and other features of JetBrains Git and GitHub integration. 20 minutes of demonstration followed by 10 minutes of Q&A.

Join us to see how you can be even more productive with GitHub and JetBrains IDEs!

GitHub and IntelliJ IDEs Webinar

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