Introducing JetBrains Toolbox, easier access to your coding tools, more control and flexibility, and a lower entry price

Final Update (September 18th): The licensing model had been updated. Read the update from our CEO Maxim Shafirov.

Update 2 (September 8th): The licensing model announced previously including conditions and prices, is not final. Please expect updates next week.

Update: Please make sure you also read this short update to the announcement below.

Update (December 8th): we’ve closed comments under this blog post. Please contact our sales team with any questions you may have.

At JetBrains we believe that software developers are some of the most forward-thinking people in the world. They are the drivers of the incredible pace with which technologies are developed today. The progress made in software development in the last decade alone is unbelievable and software has become core to so many things today, from pens to spaceships. For us, being a part of such a diverse group of developer communities for over a decade has been a really exciting and enlightening journey.

While ways in which we develop software haven’t drastically changed over the past couple of decades, the role of those who write software has evolved. In effect, developers are no longer pigeonholed to a certain technology. They work with multiple languages, frameworks and platforms. And with this change come new needs.

What happens

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JetBrains 3rd Annual Hackathon: New-Generation Debugger Grabs 1st Place

JetBrains 2015 Hackathon took place July 9-11 at our offices in St. Petersburg and Munich, with additional team members joining remotely. The basic idea was to have some fun and build something viable from scratch in a short time frame.


Over the designated 48 hours of the Hackathon, 57 participants worked feverishly on 21 projects; eating, talking and dreaming code. Let’s get right to the meat and potatoes and tell you about this year’s projects.

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Introducing Hub 1.0 – JetBrains’ Teamware Connector

Please welcome Hub 1.0, a brand new user & permissions management tool, which connects our team tools YouTrack, Upsource and TeamCity. Hub is absolutely free and supports an unlimited number of users.

With Hub 1.0, you can connect multiple YouTrack and Upsource installations. Hub 1.0 supports YouTrack Stand-Alone only, while YouTrack InCloud will be supported later.

TeamCity will also join the club very soon with a special plugin, which is planned for the Q3 of 2015. This plugin will allow you to synchronize TeamCity users with Hub users, though groups, roles and permissions will be still managed in TeamCity.

See Hub in action in this short video:

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JetBrains Way to C++: The Inside Story of Our Journey


For the last 15 years, JetBrains has provided software developers with tools to make them more productive, work faster, and solve mundane tasks in an automatic way. From smart IDEs and code editors to teamware tools, the JetBrains portfolio covers many aspects of software development and supports a huge set of programming languages.

2015 has been a special year for us with the April introduction of ReSharper C++ and CLion, two entirely new products targeted at C and C++ developers.

We now have many of C and C++ development use cases covered. All of our C++ tools natively support C and C++, including the C++11 standard (with some limitations), libc++ and Boost, and correctly handle macros and templates.

ReSharper C++ is an extension for Microsoft Visual Studio, supporting the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler and associated Visual Studio toochain. CLion, on the other hand, is a stand-alone cross-platform IDE that supports the GCC and Clang compilers (note that, on Windows, you’ll need either MinGW/MinGW-w64 or Cygwin), GDB (or LLDB since the 1.1 version) as a built-in debugger, and CMake as a build system and project model.

The days leading up to and following the new products’ releases were full of excitement, various expectations and forecasts, and then the joy and anxious tracking of the first sales. But let’s go backwards and see how we got to this point and where all these products’ first ideas were born.
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Introducing Gary Hockin, PhpStorm Developer Advocate

Hello Gary and welcome to the JetBrains team! For those who don’t know you, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

Hi, thanks for the warm welcome. My name (as you can see) is Gary Hockin, and I’ve been a web developer for more than 15 years. I’m an active member in the PHP community, a conference speaker, and keen blogger. I’m completely engrossed in the PHP community – in particular I love contributing to open source where I can.

Outside of work, I’m married and have two beautiful little girls. When I’m not coding I love playing competitive pool (and the pub).

Gary Hockin

How did you find out about the Developer Advocate role for PhpStorm and what interested you the most about the position? What will be your role and responsibilities?

I’ve been looking for a DA role for around 18 months. Previously I’d spoken to a few companies informally but hadn’t really been that interested in the product or company. At Sunshine PHP in February I mentioned to my friend Cal that I was looking for something, and a few months later he told me that JetBrains was looking for a Developer Advocate.

The strange thing was I’d already been speaking to Mikhail Vink and the team about Zend Framework integration in PhpStorm, and so I had already a relationship with the company. I’m also a paid user of the product. If I’m going to advocate something then I want it to be something I use and believe in, and for me, PhpStorm ticks all those boxes.

It might have cost me a bottle of whisky, but it’s proof positive that being active in the community is the best way to get ahead in the PHP world.

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JetBrains for Universities: Public Events in Passau and Munich, July 9th-10th

July 9th and 10th, JetBrains team members will visit two universities in Germany to share their knowledge and participate in discussions: The University of Passau and Technische Universität München.

The IEEE Student Branch at the University of Passau invited JetBrains to their July 9th technical talk and asked us to present IntelliJ IDEA to their computer science students. Florian Sattler, Chairman of IEEE Student Branch Passau, says, “We noticed that more and more people switch from Eclipse to IntelliJ IDEA. Our members and other students of the faculty would therefore like to learn more about IntelliJ IDEA so they can use it better.” JetBrains’ Hadi Hariri promises that attendees will leave his session knowing things that they didn’t even know existed, or were afraid to ask.

TUM Event

On July 10th, the Technische Universität München (TUM) will host JetBrains Night @ TUM, a technical talks and discussion event. We are excited about this evening and the positive reception our tools have met with at the university. More than 25% of computer science and engineering students have already joined our student license program, in no small part because of Klym Shumaiev, JetBrains Campus Ambassador. So what can you expect? Hadi will present Why You Should Take Note of Functional Programming in College, and Maria Khalusova will speak about essential teamwork practices in her talk, Code Review: What, Why and How?

The university talks are in English and open to the public. You can attend one or both events if you happen to be in Passau on July 9th and Munich on July 10th. Seating capacity is limited in the rooms, so those who come first have privilege to the seats.

JetBrains Campus Ambassador Program

JetBrains runs a global Campus Ambassador Program with a focus on THE Top 100 universities in computer science and engineering.1

The Campus Ambassador Program aims to support students interested in JetBrains tools at the university. Depending on a university’s specific needs, JetBrains provides technical assistance and guidance, sponsorship of various activities and funding, giveaways, and more. In Singapore, for example, more than 120 students are members of a JetBrains tools user group, and many of them regularly attend workshops led by Sebastian Lee, JetBrains Campus Ambassador at the National University of Singapore.

National University of Singapore

The primary goal of each JetBrains Campus Ambassador is to inform students that they are all eligible for free JetBrains IDE and .NET tools licenses, and help them get started using our tools in their projects. All students, not just those represented by a campus ambassador, can request free licenses for JetBrains products at using their university e-mail address or ISIC card.

If you want to make JetBrains tools more popular at your university, please send an email to, and we’ll be glad to see how we can help.

1. The 2013-2014 Times Higher Education World University Rankings’ Engineering and Technology

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Help Us Improve and Win a License

It has been a while since the last time that we updated our website design, nearly three years ago when we switched to the current design from the one below. 2012

We’re thinking about making another update some time soon, but as a team of very technical geeks we love numbers. We do have lots of data already from the different analytics systems we’re using but we want to do a special survey right now dedicated specifically for

It is people like you who are visiting the website and using it to find the information that you need, so we are asking for your help.

As the survey is about a website, it might feel odd that we’re asking some questions which might not seem relevant. However, often decisions we make are somewhat related to other aspects in our lives. We’re catering the site to so many diverse individuals and some of the questions play an role in this. Having said that, some questions are optional.

If you are willing to help us, please complete our survey.

Web Site

And yes, we have some prizes for those who complete the survey: a chance to win one of 10 personal licenses for a JetBrains product of your choice, or one of 20 Amazon vouchers worth $25.

Thank you!

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JetBrains Night in Munich Recap, Raffle Winners and Recording

In March 2015, we announced an evening event at our JetBrains office in Munich where we would show our guests how to Use ReSharper Effectively, and Perform Exploratory Code Reviews with Upsource. The level of interest was so great that we decided to hold an additional night to accommodate the volume of demand. We could have filled a much larger venue, but we wanted to provide an opportunity to mingle with the team in a relaxed informal atmosphere. In hindsight, this was a good decision.

Over two nights, March 24th and 25th, 120 participants gathered at JetBrains office to see in action Upsource and ReSharper Ultimate (ReSharper, dotTrace, dotMemory and dotCover). The feedback that we received on location and through a follow-up survey were overwhelmingly positive, so much so that we are currently planning to extend the same concept with 3 hour in-depth workshops.

JetBrains Night in Munich

JetBrains, and our Munich team in particular, would like to thank all of the participants for their time, great conversations and overall positive sentiment that contributed to making the evenings successful. As promised, today we are announcing the winners of our free personal license raffle, along with their product of choice:

  • Maik Heller – dotCover
  • Michael Baur – IntelliJ IDEA

Lastly, we would like to share the recorded session featuring Matt Ellis (@citizenmatt), Using ReSharper Effectively. Enjoy the video and we hope to meet you at an upcoming event near you!

Develop with Pleasure!

– The JetBrains Team

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JetBrains is Hiring for TeamCity – Join Our Team

Greetings everyone!

We hope everything is going well for you. For us the last few years were quite significant. TeamCity has become an important tool for many companies, the demands of our customers are growing and to meet them, we need to expand as well. Our team is far from small already. We have more than 20 people working on the product full-time, but we need more!

TeamCity logo

So we’re looking for the following qualified candidates:

1. Senior .NET Software Developer

The position is open in Saint-Petersburg (Russia), Moscow (Russia) and Munich (Germany).

The fact that TeamCity is written in Java does not prevent our product from being a popular tool in the .NET world. For this position we’re looking for a senior developer with a passion for .NET technology; a person who will improve and evolve our .NET integration, who will be able to bring new ideas and new features to the product. .NET integration in TeamCity covers a wide spectrum of technologies: from the integration with build tools like MSBuild, NUnit, and others, to integration with NuGet or Version control systems like TFS, not to mention the add-in to Visual Studio based on the ReSharper Platform.

For this position we require very good knowledge of C# and .NET development stack. Familiarity with Java is a big plus. Please see additional details and requirements on our jobs page.

2. Senior Support Engineer

The position is open in Saint-Petersburg (Russia), Moscow (Russia) and Munich (Germany).

TeamCity is quite powerful under the hood and as with any powerful tool, there are a lot of questions about the most optimal usage of the tool. We receive lots of feedback on our tracker, forum, support channel, not to mention Stackoverflow and Twitter. While we’re working hard to make the product as simple as possible, the amount of feedback grows constantly.

In this position, your task will not only be to help our customers solve their problems, but also to identify common problems and report them back to the team. Please see additional requirements for this position on our jobs page.

3. Senior QA/Test Engineer

The position is open in Saint-Petersburg (Russia), Moscow (Russia) and Munich (Germany).

It’s a challenging task to verify functionality in products like TeamCity. The software development field is changing constantly, new tools are arriving, new technologies, new integrations. You have to know a lot about completely different things. One day you’re trying to reproduce an issue with Git, the other day you’re verifying how recent changes in the TeamCity Amazon integration work. To add to that, we do not have strict specifications, so sometimes there’s no definite answer to how the system should behave and we need to decide on it together.

Given the complexity of the task, for this position we are looking for an experienced QA engineer with a very good technical background and deep understanding of testing process. Please see more details on our company jobs page.

What it means to work at JetBrains.

If you want to apply for one of these positions, then you should know more about the team and processes accepted in our company.

First of all, traditionally at JetBrains we’re trying to avoid complicated processes and bureaucracy; we tend to use the agile approach, but instead of using the whole set of agile practices, we only adopt those bringing the most value to the team. For instance, the only mandatory meeting for the TeamCity team is the daily stand-up. We also encourage our developers to use feature demos.

In the TeamCity team we are strong believers in continuous integration and continuous deployment. For example, we upgrade our production TeamCity server to a fresh version from the trunk once a day. This production server builds every JetBrains product, from IntelliJ IDEA and ReSharper to TeamCity itself (the server has about 250 agents, producing more than 5000 builds daily which amounts to about 120K builds per month).

It’s not easy to keep the production server stable and careful planning is required when significant changes are introduced, but it pays off. In addition, it brings constant feedback on the new features from all JetBrains developers.

“Eat your own dogfood” is a JetBrains’ mantra. When we plan a feature in the product, we always consider our own ability to use it. If we can’t use it right away, we try to “sell” it to other JetBrains teams, and/or to make it an open source plugin and share it with the outside world. Either way, the feedback from real users helps choose the design of the feature and avoid silly mistakes.

Unit and integration testing, static code analysis, code coverage, refactoring, code review – these are not empty words for us. We ourselves use these practices all the time.

Most JetBrains developers work in Saint-Petersburg and Munich. Besides the flexible work environment, the company offers free lunches, snacks, beverages, coffee, tea, etc, etc. We are not particularly fond of open space, so our team members work in spacious separate rooms.

We do hope you have enough information to make the right choice. If you’re interested in one of the positions above, please submit your CV on our jobs page:

For a software developer position, a link to open source projects with your participation or examples of your code would be helpful as well!

Join us and happy building!

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JetBrains Night in Munich, Wednesday, March 25, 17:00 – 21:00

We have a FREE special evening planned for you at our JetBrains office in Munich. You’re invited to join us where you’ll learn how to Use ReSharper Effectively, and Perform Exploratory Code Reviews with Upsource.

JetBrains Night in Munich

In addition to our two presentations/discussions, you will have the opportunity to meet our local team, as well as the evening’s presenters, Matt Ellis and Hadi Hariri. Light snacks and beverages will be served during the event.

Due to the high demand we decided to hold the event two days in row. The March 24th event is fully booked but there are a few remaining spaces on the evening of March 25th. Space is limited, so act fast!

Learn more and register now for JetBrains Night in Munich.

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