PhpStorm/WebStorm EAP build 95.117

Pack of fixes in all areas in this build along with couple of new features:

  • PHP completion got new popup layout: added function signatures. Note that you can also open Quick Documentation popup (Ctrl-Q) right from this list. Feedback is appreciated
  • PHP code inspection now checks for implemented methods signature compatibility

    and dynamic function call variable type

Most notable fixes

  • Introduce variable for PHP significantly improved – formatting problems fixed, results of invoking on selection is much more intuitive. Expect better name suggestions and other usability improvements
  • Deployment plugin improved FTP performance and stability
  • Database Console is now working
  • Complete changelist

Known Issues

  • All the stuff that is not marked as “Fixed” in the tracker. And we’re already working on the fixes to appear in the next public build

Download Web IDE EAP build 95.117 for your platform from project EAP page.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains Web IDE Team

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  • MaziLLa

    Thanks for your work. – do not fixed still, the last see comment.

  • Alex Andrienko

    This new build keeps freezing for me, so that I can only kill it with -9. I keep losing recent changes, even through I save all the time. (
    Will try to figure out something to report to bug tracker

  • Alexey Gopachenko

    @Alex Andrienko We’ve got some reports of deadlock after using completion, however still unable to reproduce it reliably… Create issue at and attach contents of .WebIDE10/system/logs/threadDumps to it.

  • lexx

    Hello, i try to run WEB IDE(PhpStorm), and get alert, that beta was expired, try to load new beta, install, and get the same alert, how i can fix this? pleas help

  • Alexey Gopachenko

    @lexx Each build has independent 45 days trial license built-in. Just run build with another build number i.e. 95.117 or 95.98

  • lexx

    @Alexey Gopachenko I have done this, but still have the same alert (

  • Alexey Gopachenko

    @lexx Please file bug report directly to tracker at and we’ll help to figure out what’s going wrong.

  • Urkman


    will there be a new version today?

    Thanks and greetings,

  • Alexey Gopachenko

    @Urkman Yep. Already baked, but we want to stuff some more goodness into so please wait for end of the day…