PhpStorm 2018.3 Release Candidate is available

We are glad to announce that PhpStorm 2018.3 Release Candidate is now available!

Learn all the details about the new features and download PhpStorm on our website to try right away.

PhpStorm 2018.3 RC

See the full list of PHP-related fixes and improvements in our issue tracker and the complete change list in the release notes for the current build.

For more information, please look at the overview of all PhpStorm 2018.3 features and download the build from PhpStorm website. A patch update is already available from the previous Public Preview build (PhpStorm 2018.3 PP 183.4284.56).

Please share any feedback that you have by commenting on this blog post, and submit your bug reports to our issue tracker.

Stay tuned as the PhpStorm 2018.3 release is coming very soon!

Your JetBrains PhpStorm Team
The Drive to Develop

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  • Vladislav Shumkin

    Will we get a snap version for RC in candidate channel?

    • Eugene Morozov

      For some reason, IDEA and PhpStorm are not distributed between the channels properly.
      PyCharm is, probably because our Snap uploader was developed by a PyCharm team member.
      Trying to get info from him…

      • Vladislav Shumkin

        Thanks for the info! Looking forward on a follow up on this matter. It would be cool to test RC as snap, as it’s very convenient to switch channels in Ubuntu software store.

        • Eugene Morozov

          It turned out we should’ve built the RC with the release license (not the EAP one) to get it uploaded as a candidate.
          I promoted it to beta, and the next release (2019.1) will be built with the release license. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

          • Vladislav Shumkin

            Great news! Feeling great being a cause for a change :)

  • Bashar Ayyash

    Is there any expected release date for PhpStorm 2018.3?

    • Dmitry Tronin

      ~ the end of the next week.

      • Bashar Ayyash

        so I will wait and update the stable release 😉