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It’s time for 2020’s first edition of PHP Annotated! This edition includes 4 new RFCs from PHP Internals and a few interesting updates for PHP 8 in pull-requests. We’ll catch up on the fresh releases from the end of 2019: Codeception 4.0, Phalcon 4.0, CakePHP 4.0. We’ve also got articles on Laravel and Symfony, useful tools, videos, podcasts, and a whole lot more!

⚡️ News & Releases

🐘 PHP Internals

  • [RFC] Weak maps – This proposal has been accepted and merged into the PHP 8 branch.
  • [RFC] Variable Syntax Tweaks – This RFC proposes to fix some inconsistencies related to dereferencing that were not addressed in PHP 7 in the scope of the Uniform Variable Syntax RFC.
  • [RFC] Static return type – The static keyword in the context of type declaration refers to the late static binding. This document proposes to allow using static for return-type declarations for methods. This can be useful for static constructors and fluent interfaces.
    class Test {
        public function doWhatever(): static {
            // Do whatever.
            return $this;

    For properties and method parameters, however, this does not make sense and will not work.

  • [RFC] Allow ::class on objects – There’s a proposal to allow getting a fully qualified name from the class instance $object::class in PHP 8, in a way similar to how it now works for classes Foo\Bar::class.
  • [RFC] “use global functions/consts” statement – If a function or constant is used without a prefix, PHP will try to find it first in the current namespace and then in the global one. The author proposes to add the statements use global function, and use global consts, which will make the interpreter look first globally for functions and constants without a prefix.

    A few changes are available as pull-requests:

  • [PR] Deprecate required param after optional – This one will make PHP throw a deprecation notice when there is an optional parameter before a required one in the function signature
    function test(FooBar $param = null, $param2)
    This made sense when there were no nullable types, back before PHP 7.2. But it can now be converted to function test(?FooBar $param, $param2).
  • [PR] Check abstract method signatures coming from traits – Signatures of abstract methods in traits are not validated with the ones implementing them, i.e. the following code now works without any errors:
    trait T {
        abstract function neededByTheTrait(int $a, string $b);
    class C {
        use T;
        function neededByTheTrait(array $a, object $b) {}
  • [PR] Ensure correct signatures for PHP magic methods – This pull request adds checks for magic methods signatures. At the moment, this only works as expected for __toString() and __clone(), and the following code, for example, does not show any error messages:
    class Foo {
    	function __get(int $name) {}
    (new Foo)->{42};
  • [PR] Add Stringable interface – This PR introduces a new Stringable interface that ppl can declare when implementing __toString. The goal is to allow using the string|Stringable union type in PHP 8, to accept both strings and objects that implement __toString().

🛠 Tools





🌀 Async PHP

  • 📺 Screencast on DriftPHP, the async PHP framework built on top of ReactPHP Symfony components.
  • amphp/http-client 4.0 – The updated HTTP client from Amphp now has full HTTP/2 support and many other improvements. Also, when running on PHP 7.4 you can install nghttp2, which will be used via FFI.

💡 Misc

📺 Videos

🔈 Podcasts

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