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Greetings everyone!

Welcome to the May installment of PHP Annotated, where we catch up on the most interesting things that have happened in the PHP world over the last month,including curated news, articles, tools, and videos.

Kudos to Sergey Panteleev for helping to compile the May edition of PHP Annotated.


PHP Core

Most of the Core news are covered in detail in the PHP Core Roundup series from the PHP Foundation. The second episode of the series is coming soon so we’ll only mention it briefly:


  • azjezz/psl 2.0 – PHP Standard Library – a modern, consistent, centralized, well-typed, non-blocking set of APIs for PHP. This major update includes many improvements and new components, such as Async, TCP, UDP, File, IO, and more.
  • clue/framework-x – A simple, fast micro framework for building reactive web applications. Runs on top of a ReactPHP async stack:
  • MedUnes/php-spx-installer – An installer for the PHP SPX profiler.
  • bmitch/churn-php – Discover files in need of refactoring. It examines each PHP file in the path and gives them a score based on cyclomatic complexity and change history.

    In PhpStorm, you can enable built-in Refactoring Opportunities inspections that find candidates for refactoring based on several metrics. Learn more here.

  • Monolog 3.0 – The PHP logger received an update which is mostly a cleanup release, offering stronger types and now requiring at least PHP 8.1.
  • Tinkerwell 3 – The paid PHP code runner received a major update. Learn more.
  • – This versatile tool for locating bottlenecks in PHP code is now free for open source projects.
  • TomasVotruba/awesome-php-ast – A curated list of tools, articles, and books about abstract syntax trees in the PHP world.
  • friendsoftwig/twigcs – The missing checkstyle for Twig templates.
  • PHPStan 1.7.0 – New version that added fully static reflection, implemented @phpstan-consistent-constructor and added a new rule as another way to suppress new static() issues.
  • Latte 3.0.0 – Update of the popular template engine with a completely rewritten compiler under the hood.
  • dingo-d/wp-pest-integration-test-setup – A package that adds the WordPress integration test suite with Pest. Read this blog post for more details on how to use it.
  • CuyZ/Valinor – A PHP library that helps map any input into a strongly-typed value object structure.





That’s all for today – thanks for reading!

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