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PHP Mess Detector in PhpStorm

PhpStorm comes with many inspections that help us analyze and improve the quality of our codebase. By using PHP Mess Detector (PHPMD), we can enable many additional code quality checks on our codebase: it can detect possible bugs, suboptimal code, … Continue reading

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PSR-0, PSR-4 and Source/Test Root support in PhpStorm 8 EAP

The latest PhpStorm 8 EAP brings support for PSR-0 and PSR-4 namespace roots. PhpStorm comes with a configurable convention which specifies that the project Source Root is also a root for the package and namespace. In other words: every directory created under the Source … Continue reading

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File Watchers in PhpStorm

Imagine working on a file and running a command line tool in the background for every change made. “Why would I want that?” I hear you say. Wouldn’t it be great if the IDE could minify our JavaScript and CSS … Continue reading

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Running External Tools in PhpStorm

While PhpStorm comes with a lot of integrated utilities and tools, it is virtually impossible to include every tool out there in the IDE. A lesser-known feature in PhpStorm is support for running External Tools. With this feature we can … Continue reading

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Debugger Configuration Validation with PhpStorm

While it’s very straightforward to set up PhpStorm’s debugger, nothing is more frustrating than not getting it to work because of a tiny configuration mistake in php.ini. Speaking for myself, I’ve missed xdebug.remote_enable on a number of occasions, which usually … Continue reading

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Command Line Tools in PhpStorm

PhpStorm has had support for command line tools for a while. Using the command line tools, we can invoke commands right from our IDE! We can bring up the command line tool using the Tools | Run Command… menu or … Continue reading

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Storm of Web IDEs: PhpStorm & WebStorm (EAP build 94.335)

This EAP brings significant updates in many areas. Technical details are available in the bug tracker and the highlights are: New name. JetBrains Web IDE editions receive they own respective names: JetBrains WebStorm and JetBrains PhpStorm. The branding is not … Continue reading

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Do not bother saving files anymore

I guess pressing Ctl+S every 20 seconds is not just my muscular habit. But once I started using IntelliJ IDEA and now Web IDE, this habit vanishes. Files you are editing in Web IDE are instantly saved to disk when … Continue reading

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