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Busy Plugin Developers Newsletter – Spring 2023

Marketplace updates:

⭐️ Releasing a Hidden plugin

JetBrains Marketplace provides a platform for plugin developers to distribute their plugins to millions of JetBrains users worldwide. If you plan to release a new plugin on JetBrains Marketplace, you might want a specific release date to coordinate your launch activities.
With the hidden plugin feature, you can keep your plugin private until its official release announcement.

Check out the Hidden Plugin Release documentation article for more details.

⭐️ Developer requirement to disclose trader or non-trader status

The European Commission adopted the so-called Omnibus Directive 2019/2161 to support EU consumer protection rules. One of its requirements is to inform consumers whether the third parties offering goods or services on online marketplaces act as professional traders.
As a plugin vendor, you must declare trader / non-trader status. Please indicate the vendor status in the Organization’s profile on JetBrains Marketplace. We are currently working on implementing individual vendor profiles, which will enable each vendor to declare their status accordingly.

Plugin development tooling updates

⭐️ Polaris code search engine for plugin developers

JetBrains introduces a public preview of the Polaris plugin for plugin developers – a code search tool embedded into IntelliJ IDEA.  It is designed to help developers of IntelliJ-based plugins quickly and easily find relevant code snippets, learn from examples implemented by others within the IntelliJ Platform and open-source plugins.

 For more information visit Polaris website:

New IntelliJ Platform Extension Points

In version 2023.1 of all IntelliJ-based IDEs, there are 36 new Extension Points and 13 more Listeners than in v2022.3. See the full list of Extension Points here.

⭐️ ReSharper API Verifier released

ReSharper API Verifier is a tool designed to automatically detect changes in the APIs referenced by its plugins, allowing ReSharper plugin authors to check their plugins’ compatibility with the ReSharper Platform. You can see the check results on the plugin web page on JetBrains Marketplace or have them sent to your email. Learn more in the blog post.

⭐️ IntelliJ Platform Plugin Template 1.7.0

We’ve introduced updates to the IntelliJ Platform Plugin Template – a GitHub repository that provides a preconfigured project template for plugin creation. Learn more:

Gradle IntelliJ Plugin 1.14.1

The latest releases bring improved support for the most recent IntelliJ IDEA and Kotlin versions, along with bug fixes reported by our plugin developer community. Check out the changelog for details:

Gradle Changelog Plugin 2.1.0

This plugin helps you to easily generate and maintain changelog within the Gradle build system. Check out the release notes here:

Subscribe to the #intellij-platform-tools-releases channel for the latest tooling releases in our Slack for plugin developers.

IntelliJ Platform SDK Docs updates:

  • We introduced a new starting page for IntelliJ Platform SDK documentation, which provides improved navigation.

Useful resources:

⭐️ Busy Plugin Developers webinar: “Introducing the Polaris plugin for IntelliJ Platform code search”

Watch the latest episode in the Busy Plugin Developers webinar series, where we showcase the Polaris plugin in action.

⭐️ Open-Source Software (OSS) Licenses explained

To help you get a handle on open-source licensing, we’ve prepared a short guide that may help plugin authors choose the right OSS license for their tools. Check out the blog post for more information.

Community highlights:

🥳 IntelliJ Platform’s Slack has exceeded 5,000 users

We are happy to see our Slack community hit yet another milestone of 5000 members. Let’s continue empowering developers worldwide together. Join our growing community of talented plugin developers extending JetBrains products! Get an invitation.

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