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Busy Plugin Developers Newsletter – Fall 2023

Marketplace updates

New plugin upload form

We’ve given our plugin upload form a fresh update. The process remains straightforward, but it does demand your careful attention. When uploading a new plugin, you’ll need to decide whether to upload it under an individual vendor profile or as an organization. You’ll also need to declare your trader or non-trader status. All the steps are explained in our documentation.

Marketplace documentation is now open source

The documentation repository for JetBrains Marketplace is now available as an open-source project. This means you can contribute to our documentation and help enhance the user experience. Visit our GitHub repository to start collaborating.

Hidden plugin updates

You now have more control over your plugin releases on JetBrains Marketplace. With the added option of hiding your plugin updates, you can release new versions at your own pace. This ensures that the updated plugin version won’t be made public immediately after approval. Please refer to the documentation for more details.

Improved logic in previewing plugin listings 

You can now edit and preview the content of your plugin page without having to switch between tabs. Just head to the page and see what your plugin looks like in a snap!

IDE build and plugin version details now visible in reviews

Plugin authors may face challenges with negative reviews related to obsolete versions of their plugins and IDEs. To address this, authors can now see these details in reviews. This information, which is visible only to the plugin’s authors, enables them to easily check if reported issues apply to the current version of a plugin, helping them decide if changes are needed.

Useful resources

🎙️ Webinar: How to Upload a Plugin and Get It Approved on JetBrains Marketplace

In the latest installment of our Busy Plugin Developers webinar series, we introduce the updated plugin upload form and share how to successfully list your plugin on JetBrains Marketplace and pass the approval process. Watch it now or read this short summary to learn how to avoid common pitfalls and ensure your plugin gets the green light. 

Plugin development tooling updates

IntelliJ Platform Plugin Template 1.11.3

The IntelliJ Platform Plugin Template is a purpose-built repository that streamlines the initial stages of plugin development for IntelliJ-based IDEs. Key changes in the recent update involve upgrading the Gradle Wrapper to version 8.5, leveraging JetBrains Runtime for Gradle, and upgrading dependencies. Get more insights from the release notes.

IntelliJ Plugin Verifier 1.307 

The most recent update centers on refining plugin capabilities and efficiency. Changes include streamlining JRT file system handling for improved compatibility with Java 17, introducing telemetry data collection during plugin verification, and enhancing the IDE’s speed in scanning JAR files and directories. Check out the changelog for more details.

Gradle IntelliJ Plugin 1.16.1 

Essential updates within the plugin consist of implementing compatibility with Gradle 8.5, utilizing JetBrains Runtime (JBR) via the JVM toolchain feature, making RustRover (RR type) available to resolve SDKs, adding support for the debugging of Kotlin coroutines, and including several new options for running the IntelliJ Plugin Verifier. Find more info here.

Community highlights

🎬 The People Behind Plugins series premiere

The JetBrains Marketplace team has recently released the first episode of its People Behind Plugins interview series. The video features Elior Boukhobza, creator of plugin gems like Material Theme UI (14M+ downloads). Watch the interview and discover his insights, advice for aspiring plugin developers, and monetization tips.

Think you’d be a perfect candidate for sharing your own plugin development story? Or perhaps you have a specific developer in mind whose experience you’ve always wanted to hear about? Shoot us a message at

🎉 JetBrains Marketplace’s fifth anniversary

This past September marked JetBrains Marketplace’s fifth anniversary. Over the space of five years, Marketplace has transformed from a humble plugin repository into a thriving ecosystem that consolidates extensions for all JetBrains products. 

We celebrated by compiling a list of our achievements, running a raffle, and sending swag packs to those plugin developers who have been with us from the very beginning, as well as anybody who has made a substantial contribution to JetBrains Marketplace. If you’re reading this now, thank you for contributing to our achievements!

Guest Post: How to Display OpenCV Images During Debugging

Check out our latest guest blog post by Adrian Boguszewski, the mind behind the OpenCV Image Viewer plugin.

Discover insightful tips on optimizing your debugging process in computer vision. Adrian shares four quick ways to display an OpenCV image, making the debugging journey smoother. Dive into the world of efficient debugging and read the full blog post now!

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