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Flexible Trial Periods Now Available for Plugins on JetBrains Marketplace

Selling your plugins on JetBrains Marketplace comes with numerous benefits. The platform handles licensing and billing, eliminating the need for a custom solution and simplifying the checkout process by taking care of payment processing and sales-related communications. JetBrains Marketplace allows you to fine-tune your offering, including volume and community discounts, as well as coupons with special offers.

Additionally, JetBrains Marketplace now offers flexible trial periods, allowing you to tailor the trial duration to better suit your plugin’s needs. Instead of the default 30-day trial, you can now set a shorter trial period or even none at all.

Benefits of adjustable trial periods

You can now configure the length of your plugin’s trial period based on what makes the most sense for your plugin. For instance, a theme plugin would benefit from a one-week trial period. This duration would be sufficient for users to fully evaluate the theme. Extending the trial period beyond one week often results in unnecessary delays in the decision-making process. With a trial period limited to one week, users can explore the theme’s look and feel within a focused time frame, leading to quicker buying decisions. 

To meet this demand, JetBrains Marketplace has recently introduced flexible trial periods. This allows plugin developers to set trial durations that fit their needs.

Selecting a trial period

From now on, you can set the trial period for your plugin to last 7, 10, 14, or 30 days, or you can completely disable the trial period.

Go to the Sales Info tab on the Plugin page to adjust the trial period:

For plugins already reviewed and available on JetBrains Marketplace, the author can change the trial period at any time.

For a new plugin that is about to be uploaded to JetBains Marketplace, the author can choose the trial period length while filling out details on the Sales Info tab. Once the plugin is reviewed and approved by the Marketplace team, the selected trial format will become active.


Please note that the updated trial periods will be displayed correctly in the IDE starting with the 2024.1.1 release:

Users on older versions will see outdated trial period information:

Check out our documentation for more information on how to release a plugin step-by-step, including choosing its sales features.

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