Python plugin updated for IntelliJ IDEA 10

The final version of IntelliJ IDEA 10 has been released today, and to accompany it we’ve also updated the Python plugin. The plugin is built from a newer codebase than the latest EAP build of PyCharm 1.1, and includes some new features such as an initial version of the remote debugging support, and a bunch of new inspections and quickfixes.

Of course, a matching EAP build of PyCharm is also going to be released very soon.

You can install or update the plugin using the plugin manager in IntelliJ IDEA (Settings | Plugins).

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5 Responses to Python plugin updated for IntelliJ IDEA 10

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  2. Do I understand correctly that it is not possible to use for instance Python plugin with the community version of the IDE and in order to be entitled to it you need to own a fully-blown copy of IDEA?

  3. Jez says:

    That’s fantastic news — It’s good to see IntelliJ is no longer lagging behind the dedicated IDEs for alternate languages.

  4. yole says:

    That’s correct. The Python plugin requires IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate.

  5. Bluespear says:

    Thanks a lot for this plugin. I like to see my favorite Java IDE capable of supporting other programming languages for occasional development tasks.

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